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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse Review ~ South Portland, Maine

This past Friday Gabrian and I met up with friends for a play date at Maine Academy of Gymnastics in Westbrook. It is a pretty sweet deal on Friday nights for their open Gym. For $9 the kids get free range of the gym. The older students of the academy are assigned at different stations to supervise and are willing to assist any kids that want to learn gymnastics. We had a great time during our hour there and we will definitely be trying it out again!

After our fun play date we had worked up quite the appetite and we were ready to head over to dinner. I used my Portland Dine Around book to pick our location. We decided to keep it close to home and went to Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse. We had a coupon for $10 off and I was excited to learn that it was off our total bill and not just off the lower priced meal.

When we walked in they put our name on a waiting list. It was somewhat surprising that we ended up with such a long wait (about 20 minutes) because it was clear that over half the tables were empty. I can only assume that they were short staffed. Fortunately they offered ample seating in the waiting area.

After 20 long minutes (we were really hungry at the time!) we were brought to our table. We were grateful that they brought out bread for us right away!

We placed our order and then immediately scarfed down that warm loaf of bread. Ok, I admit it, Gabrian didn't really like the bread and I may have eaten all of it. I was a good bread soldier and couldn't leave any crumbs behind.

I started with the wedge salad ($5). It was good (how hard would it be to mess up a wedge salad?) but it could have used more dressing (I really only eat salads as an excuse to have more dressing in my life).

Gabrian went with the Kid's Hot Dog meal ($4). He chose mashed potatoes and apple sauce as his two sides. Nothing special but it did it's job. I forgot to grab a picture but it also came with an ice cream treat. He had a choice between a hoodsie cup or an ice cream sandwich. He went with a sandwich (smart boy).

I went with the the Grilled Chicken Sandwich ($9.50) and baked beans as my side. The sandwich had pepper jack cheese, crispy onions, chipotle mayonaise, and bbq sauce. My biggest issue was the forgot the bbq sauce and then it took me forever to get the attention of the waitress. The sandwich was fine, just nothing to rave about it. I did however really love the baked beans. I could have had just a big bowl of those for dinner.

Overall, the meal was fine but we won't be in a rush to go back anytime soon. If you would like to try Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse for yourself, they are located at 264 Gorham Road, South Portland, Maine.