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Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Corner Room Italian Kitchen & Bar Review ~ Portland, Maine

The boys and I decided to kick off our weekend at The Corner Room Italian & Kitchen Bar for some delicious brunch. I had an Living Social Deal that I purchased for $15 and it gave us $30 to use towards food at brunch.

We arrived downtown a little after 11 in the morning and I wasn't sure if we would be able to find a metered spot (I was really hope we could because those garages can get so expensive). I was so excited to find a spot only a 1/4 of the block down from the restaurant. I used my awesome parallel parking skills (also known as my cars backup camera) and got myself nice and cozy to the curb.

We did our short walk to the restaurant and put our name in to get a table. They never seemed very full but I am assuming they must of been short staffed while we were there.


We found their very comfortable window seats and settled in for our name to be called.

It really only took them about 5 minutes until they were ready for us. They initially took us to a booth but it looked like pretty tight quarters. We requested to sit at one of the tables and they were pretty happy to oblige. We received our menus and we started to peruse our selections.

We placed our order and while we waited, we enjoyed looking around the restaurant.

Because we were eating brunch and not a regular breakfast, we felt justified in ordering an appetizer (also known as 1st Breakfast). 


 Based on the amount of pictures I took, you can tell how much I loved these Fried to Order Doughnuts with cinnamon and sugar ($7). It also had a sweet and creamy dulce de leche served on the bottom of it. They are served piping hot and practically melt in your mouth. If you go here, you have to order these!!

Riley and I ordered the same breakfast. We had the 2 eggs with choice of meat ($9). I had the eggs over easy and multi-grain toast. Riley went with them scrambled and white toast. We both went with the bacon. The home-fries were to die for! They were so wonderfully seasoned and the potatoes along with the peppers were cooked wonderfully (often times, I find the vegetables too crunchy).

Gabrian went with the Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes served with a gingered compote, whipped cream, and maple syrup ($8). These pancakes were quite tasty but Gabrian was not a fan of them. Part of the problem was that his was served a good 15 minutes after our food came out (I am not sure what happened and why it took them so long to make an order of pancakes). Riley was happy to take over and polished off the pancakes for him.

Gabrian begged for an egg ($2) of his own and I finally caved. You can also see in the picture he was able to steal a piece of my toast. He wolfed this down and probably could have done another one. 

Overall, our experience was OK. The food was delicious but the wait for the pancakes made it difficult to enjoy our breakfast since we didn't want to start eating until everyone's food was out. I thought that maybe they would have at least offered to comp Gabrian's egg but they barely mentioned the wait. Since I have another Living Social Deal, we will be definitely trying them out again.

If you would like to try out the Corner Room Italian Kitchen & Bar for yourself, they are located at 110 Exchange St., Portland, Maine.