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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Saturday Ramblings ~ April 11, 2015

I am starting this Saturday off with a picture of Riley. This wasn't actually taken on Saturday but I am tired of never being able to locate him on Saturdays to capture his image. I feel lately on Saturdays we pretty much converse solely by text messages as we both go about our day. With his birthday coming up Thursday, I am realizing it just goes by so fast. How can he be turning 17? I still picture him as my little 4-year old guy. OK...I just made myself sad. This was actually a pretty fun Saturday so I will move on.

This is pretty much how every Saturday (or every morning until the summer) starts. He likes to lay in front of our fake fire and watch Disney Jr. It is particularly sad since the flame doesn't work anymore. At least the buttons still glow's slightly fire like (no it's not and I realize how pathetic that is).

Gabrian was less than pleased when I announced it was time to get ready for dance class. He pictured his morning much more relaxing. He is such a night owl and is definitely not a morning person. This is the complete opposite of how Riley was at this age. Riley always went to bed when requested and was an early riser. I finally got him dressed and out the door.

He wasn't much better in the car.

This is the road on the way to dance class. I am so desperate for it to be summer. Poor spring, I never enjoy it because I want to skip right over to summer.

It took Gabrian a good 30 minutes in class to actually start having fun. I was such a grumpy goose for the first half. Once he was a good mood he was back to loving dance.

I love taking his picture on this boardwalk. I don't know why but I have so many pictures of him here. After dance we headed to Marshall's because we were on the hunt for a birthday present.

I like this Marshall's because there is a Home Goods in the same shopping strip. We headed over there next because I was on the hunt for Saffron and Spanish Paprika (spoiler alert...the Saffron never happened because when I found it in Whole Food's there was no way I was spending that much money this week).

We found this super awesome pasta that we didn't buy. I can't see spending $3.99 for a bag of pasta even if it looks super awesome. Maybe for a special occasion or maybe it will go on clearance!

I did find my paprika. It cost $3.99 and it is 5 oz bottle. I better find some recipes that use this stuff because it is a huge bottle. We headed home after shopping to get the birthday present together.

This was the most awesome gift bag. It comes with a piece of chalk and you get to decorate it yourself. I wrote "Happy Birthday" and Gabrian did the rest of the decorating.

We filled up the bag with these goodies. As far as I can tell it was a big hit at the party. After bagging up the present we headed to Burger King with a coupon for lunch.

We had a coupon for 2 whopper JR's and 2 fries. I bought a value size soda and a spicy chicken crisp sandwich. It was a pretty delicious and affordable lunch.

After lunch we headed over to the Marriott for the birthday party.

It was our first time at this hotel and I was really impressed with it from the outside landscaping to the inside and every staff member we came across was awesome! We had a little time to kill before going in so I did a mini photo shoot outside.

We headed inside for some pool party fun (what an awesome idea for an April birthday party!).

He had a little rest during the party. We enjoyed checking out the ceiling fans and the ceiling in this gorgeous inside pool.

Before too long, he was ready to head back in for some pool fun with friends.

After wearing the kids out in the pool, they were ready for cakes and presents!

After the party, Gabrian was invited to spend some more time at the Hotel (the birthday boy's Mom had booked them a room for the night). I headed out to finish my errands without my shopping buddy. I was so sad to go it alone. What am I going to do when he gets older and doesn't want to come with me?

I did briefly try to pretend I was still in Chile driving around with the window down. Not nearly the same and that gives me such a sad face.

I really love my KIA and feel it should be documented more often.


My first stop was to go to TJ Maxx. I was still on the hunt for Saffron. Just a little side note. If you are taking pictures of things at the store of things I would like to buy but not ready to part with my money for, a manager will casually stop by to check on you (thank goodness my camera was put away at the time).

I did actually buy something at the store. It wasn't just me snapping things I want to buy. I got some Iced Coffee for my Keurig (it was only $5.99 for a 16-pack which probably means it is super gross since it was so cheap but I am going to give it a try). I think I will brew it first thing in the morning and then put it in the fridge until I am ready to go to work to cool it down before I put the ice in it. I also got Riley's Birthday card. I had been eying these cards at Marshall's and they were selling for $2.99 and I was able to score this one for a $1.

I hit up Market Basket for my normal shopping trip for the week (it felt so good to be shopping there again...I missed it so much). Then I popped into Michael's to get supplies for the stackable dinosaur project Gabrian has for his class. We will be working on this today and hopefully will have a post about the end result of the project.

I had a stop at Whole Foods and then went to pick up Gabrian who was not happy to see me. Once I wrangled him to the car (after grabbing a couple of free cups of lemonade in the lobby), we headed home and I got him ready for bed. My night ended like this.

I promise I only ate one of those donuts and I never actually made the Margarita's (maybe tonight?). I spent the rest of my night on Pinterest researching ideas for Gabrian's birthday party. I thought I had sold him on the idea of going away for a weekend but he is not going for it and wants an actual party. I am thinking of having one in our backyard this year or renting a camp site (if that is something they allow). I basically have no idea what we are doing and I am hoping if I pin enough things I can narrow down what I want to do.

So that was our Saturday! I am going to try to do this more regularly so stay tuned for my next post on it.

What did you do on your Saturday? I would love to hear about it in the comments!