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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Panda Express - Atlanta, GA ~ Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

When I was researching our trip to Chile, I spent several hours (maybe days) researching the different restaurant options at the Atlanta Airport. I was excited to see many different options that went on the short list of places I would like to try. As per usual, none of those restaurants were around when it was time for lunch.

We found a food court that had McDonalds, Sbarro, and Panda Express.While I am not sure if it qualifies as "real Chinese" food (ok, I am positive it does not qualify), it has always worked in a pinch in at just about any Mall Food Court anywhere in America.

Gabrian and I joined the relatively long line and got ready to pick out our plate. We went with the pick two and and then got a side of crab rangoons. While I am not sure if I would qualify it as a real Lo-Mein, it had some tasty vegetables tossed with the noodles. We also chose the Mongolian Beef (deliciously spicy and I loved the onions in it) and the beef with broccoli (both my boys are huge fans of broccoli).

Ignore Gabrian looking miserable in this picture. He actually enjoyed this meal immensely and I think he was just ticked I was making him wait to eat until I took the picture. Not the best meal we have ever had but it did it's job and we enjoyed eating it for lunch.

As an added bonus, the Food Court at the Airport was super classy. How many Food Courts have you been to that had a piano player?

How about you, have you had a delicious meal at the Atlanta Airport? Share in the comments, some of your great finds!