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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Strange Addiction ~ Chilean Gas Stations

It's hard to put into words my love of Chilean Gas Stations. When I envisioned our trip, I pictured us stopping at every Gas Station along the way (and I am happy to report that I pretty much did). 

They are located right on the side of the highway (similar to a rest stop for us) and they are easy to enter and exit back onto the highway.

They were a little oasis for us on the long stretch of Ruta 5. It was an opportunity for us to stretch our legs, play off a little bit of energy, and enjoy the beautiful landscaping they have.


There were two main Gas Stations available to choose from. We liked Copec for their great playgrounds and large stores. Our other choice was Shell and they were great for free WIFI.

Most of the Gas Stations offered full service Counter Service food options and they all sold at least hot dogs. We never got a chance to eat a meal at any of them and I will deeply regret that choice (I will not make that mistake again the next time we go).

Why yes that is pure avocado that you can squeeze all over your food

Every single one of them offered a beautiful outside seating area that had tables that were shaded by umbrellas. I easily could have relaxed outside at any of those tables for hours with a good book and an icy cold drink.

I know I mentioned it already but the landscaping was incredible here. I solemnly promise that the next time I go back to Chile (2016 can't get here soon enough!), I will take more pictures at the Gas Station and all of their beautiful flowers.

The bathrooms were always impeccably clean and most often they were free. They usually offered an option for a shower too (for the bargain price of $500 Chilean Pesos (less than a $1))!

When polling the family, Everyone (including Riley) counted the Gas Stations as one of our favorite things in the Country.

How could you not love a Gas Station with a view like this?

Seriously if you are on Ruta 5 in Chile, check out those Gas Stations!!

Did you ever find yourself obsessing over something strange or super ordinary while on vacation?