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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hotel Gen Review ~ Santiago, Chile

After traveling for over 24 hours to get to Chile, arriving at Hotel Gen was a little slice of Heaven for us. I am not going to lie, we were a little nervous about this reservation. After we prepaid for our room on Trip Advisor, we started to read really negative rooms. People complained about the staff being rude (we never met a staff member that didn't go above and beyond trying to help us) and the neighborhood made them nervous (we walked around a little and we were never uncomfortable).

We were warmly welcomed when we arrived with our many, many bags. The check-in was painless and they were able to get us into a room even though we were early. My favorite part of the check-in was the extra attention that the agent gave to Gabrian. At one point he came around the desk and got down to his level to talk to him. It is so nice when they acknowledge him.

We made it up to our room and it instantly looked like our bags exploded upon impact (that was my way of saying please excuse my crap all over the room when you are looking at the pictures).

We enjoyed having a balcony outside though it would have been great if they had chairs outside to enjoy it (this seems to be a Chilean thing though, I didn't see very many balconies that had chairs outside). We were on the 7th Floor which was perfect for me. High enough to see alot of our street and have some privacy. On the other hand it wasn't so high that it was scary (I may have a smallish fear of heights....or super huge fear of heights). Our view of the vacant lot wasn't the greatest but it was fun watching the people and cars from our room.

Before we settled down for naps, I took a quick walk down the street to pick up some drinks and a snack.

After we were rejuvenated (kind of) and freshly showered (I would say this was our other small complaint about the hotel. The way the shower was, the water would leak out onto the floor and made a very wet bathroom for us), we headed out for a light dinner. After a delicious meal, we were picked up by our family to have a welcoming party. When we got back home, Gabrian (and me) were ready to pass out!

The next morning we woke up hungry and ready to enjoy the complimentary breakfast (I am not going to lie, the pictures of this breakfast was 90% of the reason I wanted to book this room). This breakfast did not disappoint.

Before we checked out, we check out the roof  top pool We were so bummed that we never had a chance to utilize it. I would love to have a chance someday to come back and spend a whole day on that roof top.

Finally it was time for us to move on for our next adventure in Chile. We grabbed a cart and loaded up.

The Front Desk was very kind and was able to arrange a taxi for us to take us to the car rental. They prearranged the price for us and it cost $5,000 Chilean Pesos. The best part is that it was a van and it fit all of our luggage (in fact we like the driver so much that we emailed him when we ready to go home to the airport a couple of weeks later for $18,000 Pesos. It was so nice to have him come and get us). He was also a tour guide and mentioned that he did Wine Tours. I would definitely recommend him. If you would like to contact him, his name is Juan Quintanilla Aboid (Cell Phone 569 92380581 or by email

Overall, we loved our stay here and would definitely come back again. I especially loved it for our first night in Santiago. It was such a great place to land and have a great night sleep before we hit the ground running in Chile. It costs approximately $118 and worth every penny for us.

If you would like to try them out for yourself, they can be reached at HOTEL GEN · Av. Portugal 415 Santiago, Chile · +56 (2) 2570 0600 (Phone).