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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter - 2015

It has been a wonderfully low-key Easter for us. We arrived home last night after spending 2 1/2 weeks in Chile (I have about a month worth of blog posts about the trip...they will be coming shortly). The boys didn't wake up until about 10 a.m. so we had a late start to our day.

The boys were excited to see that the Easter Bunny brought them candy from Chile. Gabrian had been eying that Frozen giant egg for the last two weeks every time we passed a vendor selling them.

Riley was excited to see cold, hard cash in his Carrot Stocking (I am loving those bags. They are cute and way smaller than a basket so less space needed to be filled).

It was a really nice morning. I enjoyed seeing the boys have candy for breakfast and relaxing until it was time to go out for our Easter lunch.

It was the perfect Easter for us after a long vacation. How was your day?