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Monday, April 20, 2015

Around the World on Sunday Afternoons ~ Democratic Republic of the Congo

This week we traveled (to our kitchen table at least) to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). It was an interesting journey here because we didn't know much about the country and I wasn't positive I was going to find something we would be willing to eat. 

Interesting facts we learned about the DRC:

1. They Speak French
2. Their money is called the Congolese Franc (and as of today, $1 would get you 921 Francs...I feel rich already!)
3. Their main staple in their diet is the Cassava Root 
4. In the recipes I researched, they eat Insects (caterpillars anyone?), goat (no thanks), and I saw a recipe for guinea pig (I thought that was Peru?)
5. They have an abundance of natural resources but because there is so much strife in the country they are unable to utilize them. Many of the farmers had to abandon their farms because of the violence.
6. Even though it has gotten better, it is still extremely dangerous for women in the Country. Approximately 40 women a day are raped or violated.

After going through quite a few recipes that just would not work for us, I was happy to find Chicken Muamba. It was chicken served in a tomato and peanut sauce that is put over rice.

This recipe included the following ingredients:

A Fryer Chicken Cut Up (thankfully they sell it this way at the market...there is no way I have the skills or the stomach to hack up a chicken)
Bouquette Garnis (a fancy way of saying a big bunch of fresh herbs that are tied together with a string and cooked with the chicken and then pulled out of the broth at the end)
Tomato Paste
Palm Oil (I didn't have this so I used Coconut Oil)
A Hot Pepper (I used a Serrano pepper)
Chunky Peanut Butter

I served a delicious cucumber with the meal.

So did we like food from DRC? It is a resounding YES from all of us! The sauce was so tasty with the way that the peanut butter and tomato married together. This is something that we will be keeping in our recipe rotation and we will definitely be eating this again.

We finished off the dinner with a perfectly prepared Panna Cotta. We got lucky and my Mom is in town this week so we get to have some amazing desserts while she is in town.

It was another fun week learning about a new Country. Stay tuned until next week and find out where we go next!