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Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Low Key 17th Birthday

Riley turned 17 on Thursday (there I said it, GAH.....I am getting so old!!). Because his birthday present (and all my money) was the trip to Chile, we kept his actual birthday fairly low-key. At the same time, I wanted to make sure he felt special on his day. 

We invited his girlfriend over for a festive night. We started with deconstructed nachos for dinner (who doesn't love eating chips for dinner!). 

 Gabrian and I gave the teenagers some space during dinner. Though we were close enough to eavesdrop on everything they said.

After dinner it was present opening time!

My Little Pony from Build a Bear (present from his Girlfriend)

Present from his Girlfriend's Mom. A gift card to Game Stop.

Birthday Present from Me (I extended his Gamefly Membership by 3 Months)

The kids were full from dinner so they took a short break to make room for cake. However, they are teenagers and it wasn't long before we were ready to dig in. I had a total Mom fail because I forgot to buy birthday candles (I had assumed we had some in the house).

Mario & Luigi Cake

It was a great way to spend Riley's Birthday. We ate some yummy food and made sure Riley felt special that night. I look forward to seeing this year goes for Riley and (gulp) the 18th birthday will be here before I know it (I better get planning!)