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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Eve Before the Chile Trip

Our bags have been packed, electronics have been charged, and documentation has been triple checked. It is so surreal that we are leaving tomorrow for our big trip to Chile.

I have once again over-packed. Every time I get a little better but I still can't bear the thought of traveling without two times as many clothes and shoes than I need. One of these days I am going to get it.

I have decided not to bring my laptop with me to Chile. It is too heavy and I lost my Microsoft office on it during the last update. My plan was to write up my diary entries in Word when I didn't have access to internet. Then when I could access Blogger I would copy and paste my entries and add pictures. Instead I have purchased a journal and I will hand write my entries and when I come back I will make blog posts and turn it into a trip report. This will help extend my vacation fun. I also plan on writing restaurant, hotel, and attraction reviews.

Besides the trip report I have a few other ideas on things I would like to do on this blog. I would like to learn about other cultures with the boys and have an idea of doing a weekly thing with them to learn about a new country each week.

I would like to focus on getting healthier. I can't seem to make Weight Watchers or any other calorie counting system to work lately but I can work on making small changes to get healthier. I plan on reinstating my weekly weigh-in when I come back and document the healthy changes I have been working on.

I feel pretty strongly about moving to Chile next year (assuming I love it as much as I think I remember loving it). I would like to document the process of moving to another country. I can then transition the Blog into settling into another country. This would include working on becoming fluent in Spanish, losing weight (I think this is important for whatever next step I take in life), finding a job in Chile, and the logistics of moving to another country with a small child.

Lastly, I want to continue writing reviews of restaurants, attractions, and local events in my area. I would like to do small trips to short drivable locations to me. Portland is a great area and I want to showcase more of it. I also want to do my Saturday Rambling posts more regularly. I like this post for me to look back and see what we were doing during that time.

I am ready for a long 24 hours of travel. The end result will make it worth it. I know this will be a fabulous trip and can't wait to tell you all about it. Stay tuned for small updates and if you follow me on Facebook, you are sure to see lots of preview pictures posted.

See you soon!