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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Cracker Barrel Restaurant Review - South Portland, Maine

If Gabrian could eat pancakes for every meal for the rest of his life, he would be a very happy boy. Since that's not going to happen (at least until he is 18), I like to treat him to pancakes for dinner every once in awhile.

Cracker Barrel is awesome and delicious for the traveler and I have visited them on many a road trip. I was excited when we moved to South Portland that we have one so close to us. Funnily enough we only go here for breakfast for dinner, we never seem to make it her for breakfast for breakfast. We were headed to Portland's First Friday, and wanted to have dinner first.

When we arrived we headed to the hostess stand and resisted the pull from all the shopping I would have liked to do. We were brought to our table quickly and ended up in an awesome two seater that felt very private (though I was sad that we passed by that nice looking fire in the middle dining room).

Once seated we settled in and our waitress came by shortly to take our drink order. I went with a diet coke ($1.99) and Gabrian decided on chocolate milk (kid's drink...$1.69).

After receiving our drinks we put in our food order and settled in for the wait for the food. There are always fun things to do while waiting at Cracker Barrel.

It didn't take much waiting and before we knew it our food had arrived.

Shocker....Gabrian went with the kid's pancakes ($4.39). They were everything he could have hoped for. They were fluffy, big, and came with lots of whipped butter! Plus who doesn't love miniature bottles of syrup.

I picked the Country Fried Breakfast ($8.49). It comes with 2 eggs, hash brown casserole (I could have chosen country fried apples), chicken fried steak, biscuits and gravy (I could have chosen other toast options), and grits (you have to ask for these). I am sure I ate a million calories but it was so delicious and worth every one!

Overall, this was a winner for us again. Just delicious comfort food. For a chain, they are pretty good. I will definitely be visiting them again during our travels and here at home in South Portland.

If you want to try Cracker Barrel for yourself, they are located at 357 Maine Mall Road, South Portland.