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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Chile Trip 2015 - 15 Sleeps and Counting

Photo Credit: Ariel Marinkovic/EPA /Landov

We are coming down to the home stretch before we leave for our big Trip. While we are so excited to get there we are watching the news and monitoring the internet to hear about the Volcano Eruption in Pucon. Gabrian's Grandparents, Uncle, and Cousins live in Pucon. While it would be a bummer to miss out on going to Pucon, we are more concerned about our family there that could be affected by the Eruption. We will wait to hear news about the Villarica Volcano.

I recently dug out an older camera from my closet. I had recently been thinking about saving for a DSLR camera. I would like to take better quality pictures. I remembered that I had a funny camera I bought several years ago with tax money that was very cumbersome to carry around. Wouldn't you know, it was a DSLR camera. I am trying to practice with it before the trip. I am hoping to get some awesome picture. Other than the Volcano picture (because it isn't my picture), the rest of the pictures are practice from my Pentax K-50.

I finally decided which Vera Bradley purse I wanted to bring with me. I have the Mailbag style in Jazzy Blooms. It has tons of room in the interior pocket to fit my camera and my wallet. I still plan on bringing my point and shoot camera and this will fit as well. The front pockets will fit Gabrian's iPad in case I don't want to leave it in the room. The back has a zippered pocket which I will put my bip! card, easy access to money, and the prepaid phone we will have in Chile.

I find that Gabrian is not the best helper with packing. He takes frequent naps and hogs the bed!

Gabrian's room is started to be taken over with our packing. I am trying to lay out everything I would like to bring with us. Then I will try to make some cuts because I am infamous for over-packing. I know that I don't need everything I bring but I can't seem to help myself. I always worry that I will regret not bringing something. I know that because we will be schlepping our stuff around Chile, I will regret bringing too much.

Gabrian's room is also getting taken over with gifts that we have bought for the family in Chile. I had lots of fun shopping for these gifts in the last few months. Now that it is all spread out, I have the task of fitting it into a suitcase. I look forward to seeing them open their presents. Because Chile has opposite seasons to us, I can often really get great deals. My best find this time around was a Brooks Brother's Dress that I purchased for $7 at Marshall's that originally retailed for $398!

I have been purchasing shoes for the trip. Gabrian is pretty set with his sneakers and Keen sandals from last year. I did order him some Nike Water Shoes from 6pm website. I purchased a few pair of shoes for me. I would prefer to wear just flip flops while we are there but they tend to dress nicer than we do. I had quite a search to find shoes that are comfortable but somewhat stylish. I think I have succeeded but I guess we won't know until the trip. I have one more pair of sandals on their way here but because I ordered them online it is still up in the air if I am keeping them. I won't know if they are comfortable until I can try them on. On top of that, I am not sure if I need another pair so I will have to really love them.

Gabrian likes to volunteer to let me practice with the camera.

I also purchased a seat belt extender from Ebay.  I hate to have to have one but the reality is that I would probably need to request one on the airplane and it is so embarrassing to have to ask. I found myself so stressed about this event. I now own my own and shouldn't have to ask again unless I fly Southwest (they are the only ones that have a different type of seat belt). Hopefully in the near future I won't need the one I have.

I have lists everywhere you look. I am constantly researching for the trip and have notes jotted down everywhere. I am going to have to start consolidating them shortly. This list is for restaurants that we may be interested in visiting while we are in Santiago.

I am feeling fairly prepared for the trip. We are at the stage where I am torn between wanting time to speed up so we can be in Chile already and slow down because I know that I am going to blink and the trip will be over. 

I am using this trip as an opportunity to see if I love Chile as much as I remember. If I still love it, I plan on moving there at the end of Summer/beginning of Fall of  2016 (once Riley is settled in College). Once I get back I will drive you crazy with my action plan on how to make this move happen in a year and a half. If you were ever interested in moving to Chile, this will be the place to come to find out how to go about it. Wish me luck on the next new adventure!