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Friday, February 27, 2015

Riley and the Specks

A few months ago I started to notice that Riley was making frequent trips to the medicine cabinet for head aches. It was sporadic so it took me a little bit to start becoming concerned. I decided it was time for Riley to go to the Eye Doctor. On Saturday we headed to the office of Dr. Ronald Cedrone at 335 Maine Mall Road, South Portland.

The staff was very nice at the office and they had lots of great magazines to look through. We filled out the paperwork and it wasn't long before Riley was called in to be seen by the Doctor.

Gabrian found multiple ways to amuse himself during the wait. I am not sure what led him to lay down on the floor. While we were waiting we noticed several people come in looking for a walk-in appointment. They were all turned away because they were fully booked. Just a note if you were interesting in going for a Saturday appointment. We had to book our appointment about 2 1/2 weeks out. 

Riley's appointment took about 30 minutes in total and the staff was great coming out to check on me and letting me know what step they were in the process. Dr. Cedrone came out when the appointment was over to let me know what he had found. Riley has an Eye Stigma in each eye. He said that Riley will need to wear the glasses anytime that he is concentrating on something. He doesn't have to wear them while walking around or while at work. He will need to get his eyes checked once a year or if the head aches come back.

The boys and I headed over to Eyemart Express which is conveniently located in the same strip mall as the Doctor's office. It was a zoo in there! It felt like it was wall to wall people when we walked in. We fought our way to the front and and signed Riley in. We were lucky to snag one of the tables and settled in.

Finally it was our turn and a staff member joined us at the table. We were down a seat so Gabrian got kicked out.

We explained to the staff that we did not have eye care insurance and we would be paying for the glasses out of pocket. She told us about the promotion they were running where you can add on a second pair of glasses (lenses included) starting at $10 extra depending on which frames you want. She had Riley pick out some frames that he was interested in and brought them back to the table. He then tried them on and narrowed down his favorite pairs. These are the two that he settled on.

Can I just tell you that Riley's face was made for glasses. There were only about 2 frames he tried on that I didn't like on him. Even when we were fooling around while we were waiting and tried on ladies glasses, he looked awesome in them.

Once our order was put in, I went to the counter to pay. For the two pairs of glasses and the lenses (we didn't do any of the upgrades they tried to push on us), it came to $129. They said normally they would have them ready in an hour but because it was so busy that day, they wouldn't be ready until Monday. I received a text at 5:30 that night that they were ready but at that point they were already closed for the day and wouldn't be open again until Monday.

On Monday we picked them up. They did a final fitting for Riley to make sure he was comfortable in them. They gave us free eye glass cases and clothes for the glasses. They also let us know that they do free repairs to the glasses.

Riley has now had his glasses 3 days and I am happy to report that so far the head aches are gone! The glasses makes his vision so much sharper that he actually prefers to wear them most of the time. I am so happy to have caught the cause of the head aches for Riley!!