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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Breaking Into The Business

Gabrian loves the camera and even though I realize I am biased, I think the camera loves him. I have been toying around with the idea for awhile to investigate on how to get him into the world of modeling. 

I finally decided to turn to my friend Google and see what was out there. I was happy to see that Maine had a great Talent Agency right in the Portland area. Portland Models & Talent is one of the first ones to turn up in my search.

They are exactly the kind of company I was looking for. They tell you right up front that an agency should not charge you money to belong to them (they make their money by taking a percent of the fee you earn). That was one of my fears that I would join with a company that was really making money off their clients.

It was really easy to sign up. I initially submitted a short form with Gabrian's basics and one head shot and one full body shot to their website. These do not need to be professional photos. I was able to choose some of my favorite shots I had. They had to be under 3 MB each which required some cropping before I could submit them.

 An agent responded to me within 1 business day with another form to fill out. I also needed to sign a 1-year contract (which states I cannot work with another agent in the state of Maine) and I needed to resubmit the pictures (or pick new ones) and I had the opportunity to submit up to 50 pictures if I wanted. I picked out eight that I liked and in the end they only used 3 of them. I had to crop those pictures down to under 1 MB each. Which turned into a fun project for me. I never really played with editing of photos but I really enjoyed it. I will definitely be playing around with that feature in the future.

The agent again had a really great response time to my submission and Gabrian's profile was up on their website the very next day. I find myself visiting the site to check out his profile (because I am his mother and I get a thrill out of seeing him on it...imagine how I would be if he actually got a job!). All in all it has been a great experience so far!

Gabrian has his first audition tomorrow! I am not sure how many he will be asked to do but we are so excited for this one. He has a line he needs to memorize (he is auditioning for a commercial). I am still trying to figure out his outfit choice. I realized too late tonight that he needs to bring his head shot (the picture above) with him. I just ordered them online with Rite Aid and hopefully we can pick up the pictures on the way to the audition. Fingers crossed for Gabrian tomorrow!!