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Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Maine Table Restaurant Review - South Portland, Maine

Gabrian and I were on our own for dinner on Friday so we set out to satisfy my craving for Fish & Chips. I had recently found my Portland Dine Around Club Book that had been MIA for several months. With only a couple months left before it expires, I am happy to have it back in action.

After going through the book I was excited to find a restaurant that was super close to us. We decided to try out The Maine Table Restaurant. They are a restaurant that prides themselves in serving Fresh and Local food. If you take some time to check out their website, you will find a large list of local vendors they work with.

They are connected to the Best Western and I am happy to say that they far exceeded my expectations of a restaurant that is part of a hotel. I feel that often the food is just mediocre but that is definitely not the case here.

When we arrived at the restaurant we were told that it would be a 20-25 minute wait (and that was a pretty fair representation of how long we waited). They had an entire empty section that they were not using this night. I am not sure if it was because of the Rehearsal dinner they had going on and the large group of 20+ or if they were short handed. It sure is hard to wait though when you can see empty tables. One other funny thing was about 10 minutes into our wait the other couple that was waiting was called to their table. They immediately came back out and decided they didn't want a booth. I thought we would be called then but they made us wait another 15 minutes. I am not sure what was going on there.

Gabrian was able to entertain himself in the lobby in front of their own greenhouse. It was fun to look at all of their plants.

We were called after 25 minutes and taken to our booth. We were served water and given our menus.

Our waitress showed up and came bearing gifts. We were given pub cheese, crackers, and the most amazing kidney beans. They had a light vinegar taste to them and were divine. Gabrian and I sucked that whole pot down.

And the end result of our cheese and bean feast.

The waitress went over the specials which sounded delicious but I had my heart set on the Fish & Chips. We placed our order and settled in for the wait. I had a fun time listening to the awesome musician performing in the alcove upstairs. It seemed to be a mix of Irish Pub music and Folk music. It was perfect for the setting.

I liked the look of that bar. I would love to get a glass of wine (they had several $5 options) and enjoy those cheese and beans again.

It took awhile for a food to arrive but it was definitely worth it.

Gabrian went with the Pan Seared Chicken Cutlets ($14) which is boneless chicken breast that is breaded and pan fried served with a garlic butter sauce. This was flavorful, moist and had the perfect crunchy crust.

I of course went with the Fish & Chips ($16). This day they were using Haddock which is one of my favorites. You could tell that the Fish was fresh. It was light and melt in your mouth delicious. It had a warm butter velvety taste. The coleslaw was also right up my alley. It was sweet with a vinegar taste underneath. I found it to be perfectly seasoned.

Overall, we loved this restaurant. It is on the pricey side (for us on our budget) and I probably couldn't do it again in the near future without the coupon. Though they did have several sandwich options in the $10 range and they had a kids menu. So we may try them out for that option (though I would be horribly sad to not get the Fish & Chips).

If you would like to try The Maine Table Restaurant out for yourself, they are located at 700 Main Street, South Portland, Maine.