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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Ramblings

It has been a pretty relaxing weekend so far. On Friday, Gabrian and I had a Chinese Food and Amazing Race Fest. To celebrate we set up the portable table in the living room and Gabrian and I ate our Chinese Food in the living room (OK that part wasn't super relaxing for me watching a 5 year old eat rice and noodles on the couch). We love the Amazing Race and watching all of their challenges. My dream is to one day to be on that show with one of the boys.

Saturday we went to Gabrian's dance class and headed out for our errands afterwards. We were able to check out a new bakery. We headed out to a pretty awesome birthday party in the afternoon. They had Party Palooga at the party doing face painting and balloon animals. It was pretty cool.

We finished our errands after the party on a very rainy Saturday.

It looks like the wind and rain are continuing so far on this Sunday. We have a nice relaxing day planned for today. I have cleaning, cooking, and baking to do. I would also like to list a few things on EBay to start selling again. I am trying to figure out different ways to earn extra money for Chile and this seems like a great start. This will allow me to de-clutter and earn money. Once I am done selling what I have at home, I will see if I can figure out things to buy and sell as well.