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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Saturday Weigh In

That is not the direction I wanted the scale to go in. This is completely deserved because I was eating whatever I felt like. I kept telling myself I had it under control and convinced myself that I was going to see a loss. I knew that I was lying.

I am not someone that can eat without tracking. I know this about myself but I keep wishing it wasn't true. In order to save money for Chile I have stopped Weight Watchers but my Mom is the one tracking it for me now. Every week I need to send her an email with this picture. This obviously is not enough for me.

I have started to use My Fitness Pal again. I started it yesterday and I think that this can work. For at least the next month, I will be emailing the food journal daily. I think I need this safety check. So far so good. I am also using Map My Fitness to log my daily walks. I am making myself go at lunch every day. This has to happen every day unless there is rain coming down. Once winter comes, I will have to figure it out from there.

I have come to the realization in the last couple of days, that I need to start putting on my big girl panties and doing things even if I don't want to. This includes exercising, making meals, tracking food, chores, selling stuff on eBay for Chile, and so on. So many times I get lazy because I don't make myself do things. I come up with a million excuses. I am a grown up and it is time I start acting like one.

It is one day at a time and I can do this. Check in with you guys next week. I am leaving you with a pretty picture I took on my walk today, that way the post isn't a complete Debbie Downer.