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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Saturday Ramblings

This Saturday the sun finally came out after a week of stormy weather. We got so much rain I thought we were going to have to get out the ark. I can only imagine what this would have looked like if it had been snow.

We had a later start than usual yesterday. I had my first time out with Co-Workers/friends sans kids. At least it has been so long with kids, I can't remember the last time Gabrian stayed home. My friend's daughter was beyond generous and offered to watch Gabrian free of charge. Because of our fun time on Friday, we went to bed super late and had to drag ourselves out of bed.

We finally got ourselves out the door and headed to dance class. I was supposed to dress Gabrian in his costume but I was a bad mommy and forgot. I found a shirt with mustaches on it and tried to pass it off as a perfectly acceptable costume. I think he bought it.

We were starving after dance class so on our way to start our errands for the day we sought out some breakfast. We stopped at Denny's to have a delicious and inexpensive breakfast.

After breakfast we stopped at the Dollar Store to pick up some canned pumpkin. While we there, Gabrian found some pretty fun googly eyes to try on.

Next up, was Sam's Club. They had gas for $2.92/gallon. You better believe I filled up on that price. I couldn't believe how much cheaper they were then anywhere else. We also got our fill of samples. We live for the samples there. We try our best to turn it into a lunch. Our favorite this time was the Swedish Fish samples.

I had a Christmas present fail at Marden's store. Do you have a store like Marden's near you? It is kind of a salvage store. They buy out lots of stores that are going out of business, had fire damage, or sometimes a flood. You never know what you are going to find there and it is always great prices. I found a zip up cardigan for Riley that was an Eddie Baeur with a beautiful Sherpa lining. It was a XXL but it looked like it ran small. I hated to walk away from it since it was only $14.99. It would have been a great Christmas present. At least Gabrian had a fun time checking out the Christmas decorations.

When we got back to the car, Gabrian found his goggles and modeled them for me.

On our way to Biddeford for our market shopping, we came across Bill Dodge Kia in Saco.

They were having a Halloween Festival for the kids and it was free to everyone. We started off with some time in their Bounce House.

They had Party Palooga there to paint the kids faces. They were also giving out free pumpkins.

We finished off our time there with some additional bouncing.

We had bounced up quite an appetite so we headed off for some lunch. I love the kids meal pail they are giving out this month. Besides the fact that they are offering it for $2.99. I am completely sold.

Last week we participated in stuffing a bus. This week at Shaws, we were able to stuff an ambulance. Gabrian had fun picking out tuna and alphabet pasta for the stuffing. It is so interesting to see Gabrian process and figure out why we are donating the food. It is such a foreign concept to him that their our people that don't have enough to eat. I think this is such a great experience for him to learn that we need to help out other people.

He also admired all the bikes of the volunteers. I think he would have liked climbing up on one of them and taking it for a little spin.

When we finished up our shopping we rushed home to get ready for a Halloween party. Gabrian makes a cute Magician/Batman.

On our way to the party we stopped off at Whole Foods Market to get a special treat for the girl who babysat Gabrian on Friday. I love shopping there. It is always so beautifully decorated.

We had a great time at the party. Gabrian was able to play with kids while I could hang out with grown ups. It was another great Saturday in October. I look forward to next week to see our first Saturday in November.