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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Saturday Ramblings

This is how we start pretty much every morning except for summer time when it is too hot to have the electric fire on. The only thing missing from this picture is the Poppy Cat. Saturdays are pretty busy for us but I like to give Gabrian a little time to relax in the morning before we head out.

We had to leave earlier than normal this Saturday because Riley had an appointment in Gorham the same time as Gabrian has his dance class. We dropped Riley off at Burger King to kill some time and I bought the boys breakfast burritos.

Gabrian's dance class is in an old mill and it has some really neat features. I was able to grab some great pictures of Gabrian on our way out.

We picked up Riley and were headed home to drop him off when we spied the Gorham's Farmers Market and decided to stop. We found a spot on the street and headed over.

This was our first time here and it was so cute. Not tons of vendors but really nice items being offered. The boys had a great time checking it out and Riley was even able to get a head start on his Christmas shopping (he is way better than me!).

As we were headed out, we noticed that there were musicians setting up. It really added to the ambiance of the Market.

The last bit of summer trying to hold on

Typical Riley Picture - I think the phone is fused to his hand

We started to head back home and didn't make it far before I had to pull over and take a picture of my dream home. I love everything about the way it looks from the outside. The only thing it is missing is a porch. I really need my dream home to have a porch.

 When we got home we traded out Riley for a cake. We needed to drop it off at Gabrian's school for the Pumpkin festival. We were donating to the cake walk. It was a Coca Cola Cake with Coca Cola Fudge Frosting. I was tempted to keep it for us.

 After dropping off the cake we still had some time to kill before the Festival started so we headed to our local Shaw's to start some of our grocery shopping for the week. They were stuffing the bus for a local food bank and Gabrian was excited to help stuff it.

Gabrian could barely contain his excitement for the festival. We headed over to join in on the fun. We purchased $5 worth of tickets which gave us 10 tickets. Most games were one ticket and rides were two.

After we ran out of tickets we headed over to the Pumpkin Patch. Several local farms had donated pumpkins and we were able to buy a large pumpkin for $3. Gabrian had an awesome time picking out his perfect pumpkin.

Gabrian and I tried to make a lunch out of our samples at Sam's Club but still didn't feel like were full. On our way to Market Basket, we decided to try out El Rayo Taqueria.

We had almost made it to Market Basket before I realized that Gabrian was way overdue for a haircut. It is one of his favorite things to do. He would get one every week if I would let him. This was a milestone cut for us. It was the first time that I did not stand at the chair the whole time with him. I told the stylist what we wanted and once he was all set, I sat down. He loved it! He talked her ear off the entire time. I can't believe how big he is getting.

Gabrian modeled his haircut and lollipop after the cut.

We finally made it to Market Basket. I am not sure what I am going to do when Gabrian doesn't fit in the front of the cart. I like being able to pay attention while I am shopping and Gabrian likes to play with my phone. I guess we will do one milestone at a time!

On our way back to the car we saw the best parking job ever. They must feel super proud!

Once we made it home, the pumpkin found it's new home before we called it a night.

It was a pretty nice Fall Saturday. I look forward to seeing what our next Saturday brings us.