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Monday, October 13, 2014

Saturday Ramblings

Saturday started early for me to get a batch of muffins in the oven (I don't know when I started to become so domestic but I like it). Gabrian and I took our muffins to go so we could get to dance class on time. We had special friends meeting us for his class and we couldn't wait to get there.

Dance class went great. Gabrian has been struggling a little to get into his groove at the beginning of class but Saturday went wonderful. Before we knew it, we were on our way to our first Grocery store. We hit up Shaw's to get their specials for the week.

Unfortunately for Gabrian the car was not on special so it did not go home with us. Next up was a stop at our local library. We returned and then picked out some new books. We were lucky to catch the tail end of Light Saber activity and Gabrian was able to get a new Saber to bring home.

Our next stop was the highlight of the day for Gabrian. South Portland Fire Department was offering an Open House. It was an awesome event! They let the kids try out the trucks and check out the backs of the ambulance. They had different demonstrations going. We could see the rescue dog, a car fire being put out, and different drills that they do. They offered a bounce house and the kids could try out a real fire hose. They had different insurance vendors there giving out freebies to the kids. And the best part was the free snacks that they offered!

On our way back to the car we found some excellent crispy leaves to play around in.

Our next destination was to head to Kittery to look for new sneakers and winter boots for Gabrian. He passed out on the ride there. I felt bad that he missed all the directions and festivals that we passed on the way there.

When we arrived to the Outlets, we discovered that we were both pretty hungry. We tried out Henry VIII Carvery and had a wonderful meal there. We headed back to the shops but Gabrian received a call that he had to take (his Dad).

We didn't end up finding any deals that worked out for us. However, we had a great time in front of the Kittery Trading Post.

We gave up and headed back towards home and our final stop of the day. My favorite grocery store, Market Basket! We were able to see some cool Halloween decorations on the trip back.

We also stopped for gas and I was so impressed with the price. I haven't seen it this low in a long time!

We finally made it home by 9. By the time I was able to get the groceries put away, I found this!

I would say our Saturday Ramblings were pretty successful!