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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Office Bathroom Etiquette???

What has happened to Office Bathroom Etiquette? I work in a pretty big office (for Maine at least) and there are many bathrooms around. It astounds me how women behave in the bathroom. I am constantly grossed out by the people that insist on using the sink to brush their teeth, put on makeup (and proceed to make a mess all over the counter), and use it as a personal kitchen sink to wash their dishes.

How about the people that pee all over the seat. Why would you ever think it is ok to make someone else clean up your urine. Though I suppose those people are better than the ones that can't even bring themselves to flush. Seriously???? You can't even bring yourself to use your foot to hit the handle.

My biggest gripe of all is the middle stall user. On my floor there are two bathrooms that are in close proximity to my cube although there is definitely one that is closer than the other. The bigger and more desirable bathroom is the furthest from me. The closer one has 3 stalls only. I do have to say that they are on the big and roomy side. Because I am lazy, I frequent the smaller bathroom. Hey...saving 12 steps each time can really add up in a day! I am so much more rested by the end of the day.

I always thought that it was a known rule and courtesy that if one of the end stalls is available that is the one that you take. The middle should only be used if it is the last option. All the time, I am perplexed on why women gravitate to the middle. I want to have a hissy fit every time that someone bypasses other options and takes the stall right next to mine. And on more than one occasion I will see a person go into the bathroom (I am right behind them) and they take the middle stall in the empty bathroom. What the heck?? Lets get a little less personal in the public bathroom please!

For the Love of Pete Women, please use a little Office Bathroom Etiquette. Am I alone here? Does anyone else feel that the public bathrooms are going downhill?