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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Henry VIII Carvery Review - Kittery, Maine

Gabrian and I were on the hunt for new shoes yesterday. We made it right to the town line before we decided we were starving and needed to find somewhere to eat immediately. Kittery can be pricey and we didn't have the budget for that. On the other hand we were not feeling McDonald's or Burger King. Henry VIII Carvery seemed to be the perfect solution.

I loved the stripes on the building. It looked so warm and inviting. If it had been warmer, I would have really enjoyed eating outside on one of those picnic tables.

When we went inside there was a small line which was great for us so we had time to peruse the menu. They had a menu on the wall and also paper menus to look through.

We placed our order and went to pick out our seats. They said they would be out shortly with our order. We had a chance to look around the restaurant.

It wasn't long before our food arrived.

Gabrian went with the Kids Ham & Cheese Sandwich ($4.25). He loved the big hunks of ham that was served on this sandwich. I didn't try any of it but based on the fact that there wasn't a crumb left behind, I would say the sandwich was a success.

I went with the Tower of London ($7.95). A hand-carved roast beef sandwich served on a toasted herb-butter bun with coleslaw and Russian dressing.

This was deliciousness on a bun. I loved the creamy coleslaw and Russian dressing and felt it really complimented the tender roast beef. It was perfect and I enjoyed every single bite.

Henry VIII Carvery was a complete success for us and we will definitely be back next time we are back in Kittery. If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at 447 US Route 1, Kittery, Maine.