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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hanging with the Boys

Riley had an appointment tonight in a couple towns over in Gorham. It was scheduled for 6:30 which was just an awkward time for us. Not enough time to make dinner or have anytime to relax. I had some handy dandy coupons and we headed out to Burger King for dinner.

Besides the coupon, they had an awesome deal going on where you can get a 10 piece chicken nugget for $1.49. I know what we will be eating for dinner from now on (I kid...kind of).

I was so excited to actually get a picture of Riley that I present you with two. That was his limit and then I got the look that made me put the phone away.

After dinner, we headed to Goodwill to kill our last 10 minutes. It is always good for some poking around. I was excited to see one of Gabrian's favorite toys when he was a baby. Even Riley remembered him playing with it all the time.

Gabrian settled into the toy aisle and we had to drag him out when it was time to go.

We are now home and settled in for the night. I am obsessed with finding new blogs to read on Bloglovin. You can follow me on it with the button on the right. While you are there you can check out lots of awesome blogs that are out there. Tonight I am on the hunt for some foodie blogs with new recipes to try out. I have a couple that are on my list to see if they work out.

Do you have any blogs you would recommend? I am always looking for a new one to check out.