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Friday, October 17, 2014

First Day with the Fitbit Flex

I am in love with my Fitbit Flex. It has been a fun motivator all day long for me. I decided to allow it to deduct calories from My Fitness Pal if I wasn't doing enough activity. I have been obsessed in making sure it doesn't take any of my precious calories. It has been fun watching the calories get added during the day while I found ways to add activity.

I took some cheesy shots of my results for the day from my computer. I am sure there is some super techy way of posting this and having the shots look nice. I took pictures of my laptop screen with my iPhone (that's how I like to roll).

Its not too easy to see but I walked 11,974 steps which is equal to just about 5 miles. I will take it!! It also shows a chart on the left hand side with the times of the day and when I was the most active.

This shows how many calories I burned for the day, the amount of miles I walked, and how many minutes I was very active (55 minutes). The tile on the bottom right is showing by gauge where I was with my eating versus activity. I am in the yellow which means I was under for the day (yay me!).

This is my favorite feature of the Flex. I have the ability to track my sleep. This shows I went to bed at 11:45 pm, it took me 19 minutes to fall asleep, I woke up 14 times (who knew I was waking so often!), I was in bed for a total of 6 hours and 18 minutes but I was only sleeping for 5 hours and 32 minutes. I find this fascinating and look forward to what trends I have while I sleep.

So far I am absolutely in love with the Flex and couldn't be happier with my purchase. It was pricey for me (since I am completely broke) but I really feel it was a great investment in my health.

I will update again soon!