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Sunday, October 19, 2014

El Rayo Taqueria Review - Scarborough, Maine


Gabrian and I were in need of lunch yesterday as we ran around and did our errands. While we tried to create a lunch out of Sam's Club samples, it just wasn't quite cutting it. We were passing by El Rayo Taqueria on Route 1 and decided to stop. We have eaten at their location in Portland and had been meaning to try them for awhile.

It appeared that they had a take out area to the right when you entered and to the left was a host stand. We were there about 2 pm and we were taken to a table right away. The restaurant was so different from the one in Portland. It is so spacious and space to move around. The colors were beautiful and definitely reminded me of being in Mexico. They did a wonderful job decorating this restaurant.

We were brought the menu and it took us awhile going through it. There were lots of fresh and delicious options to pick from. We were not super hungry since we chowed down at Sam's Club but I could see spending quite a bit if I had a bigger appetite at the time.

Our waitress was awesome. She was friendly and inviting to the restaurant. She went above and beyond with Gabrian. She took her time talking to him and never gave him the impression that she needed to be somewhere else. In fact, I would say everyone we came into contact at this restaurant was awesome. They were so friendly and genuinely seemed happy to have us at their restaurant. I think that they did a wonderful job in hiring their staff.

After much debate, we placed our orders and settled in for the wait. I was able to snap some shots of the area.

Actually that was my only one. Gabrian has developed an interest in taking pictures and I let him take off with the camera and grab some great shots (don't worry there were not many people in the restaurant at the time so we weren't bothering anyone).

Not to shabby for a 5-year old! In fact, more often than not I am finding his shots are better than mine. I think there will be a camera in his near future so he can stop stealing mine.

They also provided Gabrian a coloring sheet with crayons. It was a pretty neat one, especially since Day of the Dead is so close.

Their kitchen was quick and before long our food was out. We were excited to dig in.

Mexican City Style Corn on the Cob - $4.95
This was basted in chipotle mayo and dusted with cotija cheese. This was so delicious. It is basted in mayo, how could it not be good? This was one of my favorite menu options in their Portland location. It was as delicious as I remembered. It was crisp crunch to the corn and the cheese melted in your mouth as you ate it. It was a really wonderful combination.

Pescado Taco - $3.95
This taco was grilled achiote seasoned fish fillet, sliced avocado, chipotle mayo & crunchy veggie slaw. Very fresh ingredients that melded together to a delightful combination. I loved the lime marinade you could taste. The creaminess of the avocado was perfect for the fish. I almost wished I had ordered another taco. I would definitely get the taco plate next time we go. You get to pick two of their tacos (lots of fun and delicious options) along with rice and beans.

Bean, Cheese, Rice and Ground Beef Burrito (Para Niño's) - $3.50
Gabrian went with the kid's burrito. He loved it and ate it pretty quickly. It was a little on the small side even for kids. It worked out since we had already eaten at Sam's Club. I think I would probably order off the adult menu for him next time. I can't imagine that is enough food for many kids.

We didn't end up ordering any desserts but they had some delicious options. We saw the Coconut Cupcakes on our way out and they looked pretty good. Next time we may have to try something out.

Overall, we found the food to be delicious. For taste alone, we would definitely go back. I do find the portions to be very small for their prices. For a full meal, it could get pricey so it is not a place we would be able to go to often. I also feel that at a Mexican restaurant you should get complimentary Chips & Salsa. They offer it but there is a charge which was a bummer. It won't stop us from going but it sure would be nice to have.

If you would like to check out  El Rayo Taqueria for yourself, they are located at 245 US Route 1, Scarborough, ME.