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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cakes Extraordinaire Bakery Review - Portland, Maine

Gabrian and I are always on the hunt for a new Bakery. We desperately miss our Italian & Portuguese Bakeries in Rhode Island and try to console ourselves with cupcakes and whoopie pies. We noticed Cakes Extraordinaire last week during our bank run to Bangor Savings. This bakery is a little tucked away in a shopping strip. It is nestled between an Animal Clinic and several eye glass shops.

When we first entered it had a very modern/industrial feel to it. There was a bakery case directly in front and several seating options to the left with a flat screen T.V. on the wall with the news playing. The kitchen was exposed and it was fun being able to see the workings of the bakery.

We made our selections and Gabrian grabbed a seat. They had a Poland Springs water stand with cups available, so we grabbed a couple of glasses of water. They also had coffee for sale. I think they could have used a cooler with milk and juice for sale. However, the water worked fine for us.

While I was getting the water, someone dropped off a couple of paper towels for us. I wish they had real napkins. Firstly, we could have used more than one towel each and they were a little rough. I am not sure if they don't usually have people eating there. With the tables there it gave off a mixed message.

Gabrian chose the chocolate cupcake with white frosting. The cake was moist and delicious with the fluffy white frosting that we love. It was about $2 (there were no prices listed so I am just guessing based on our total). It was on the smaller side  but for a mid-morning snack it was perfect.

I went with the cream horn. The outer portion was similar to a puff pastry and the same frosting that was on the cupcake was used inside the horn. It also was about $2. I thought it was pretty good but I wish they would have left off the powdered sugar. It is unnecessary and it makes such a mess. Gabrian loved this thing and I had to fight him for my own snack.

We thought the staff was really friendly and welcoming. When we were finished with our snacks but still working on our water, they came and took away our trash and wiped down our table so we didn't have to sit with the left over powdered sugar. I thought they had great customer service.

The next time I need a cake, I will definitely be trying them out. Their website was pretty fun to check out. They give you the ability to build your perfect cake and give you the price for the cake. I love a place that will tell you the prices so you don't embarrass yourself when you have to ask and find it is way out of your budget.

If you would like to try Cakes Extraodinaire for yourself, they are located at 1054 Brighton Ave, Portland, ME.