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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

So Summer Happened...

So summer totally happened. I just didn't realize it was going by so fast. There were so many things I still had left on my summer bucket list. Like why didn't I go to the beach one more time or why didn't we go on those hikes I envisioned.

Part of the problem was that it never got very warm this summer. I am not sure we ever hit 90 this year. It feels like it was one really long spring and now we are jumping right into the Fall. We actually got down to 34 the other night. My other issue is that Fall brought me the present of an awesome cold as a welcome to the new season. It's nothing major but I am so stuffed up and miserable.

We have had some awesome times this summer. Gabrian and I went to Funtown Splashtown multiple times this summer with our passes. We did make it to the beach a few times. And we enjoyed the slightly warmer weather.

Riley got a new job. He has continued the family tradition of working at Burger King.

At the end of August we went to Disney for a week. It was so hot I felt like I was walking on the surface of the sun.

Believe it or not, Riley was actually at Disney with us. His girlfriend was also there so we got to see him very little during the week.

Gabrian has started Kindergarten which has been somewhat of a transition. Riley is a Junior in High School (I still can't believe that). We are in full on College search mode now. We have started to send away for information on the Schools and will start planning visits soon. In a couple of weeks we are going to Boston for an information session for University of Miami (not going to lie, I am secretly rooting for that one...who wouldn't want to visit your kid in Miami?).

We also are planning to go to Chile this coming March so we are on shut down mode of all unnecessary spending to save for the trip. It will just be Gabrian, my Mom, and myself. Riley has chosen not to go and I am not sure I would have let him miss that much school anyway. I am excited for Gabrian to meet his family in Chile.

I still would like to move to Chile in a couple of years once Riley is settled in College. I am working on the Spanish and trying to figure out a way to support us while living there.

I plan updating here much more frequently. I like having this as a diary to look back on and I want to stop having so many gaps in between. Plus I like to delude myself into thinking that maybe someone reads my reviews occasionally.