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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Every Two Hours

When I came back from Disney, I struggled to get back into my rhythm with Weight Watchers. I was half-heartedly following the plan. On top of this, we are in super saving mode of the little money that I don't have to finance a trip to Chile in March. Gabrian's Dad has offered to pay for his ticket and some of our expenses while we are there so it is just too good of a deal to pass up.

The point of the saving is that I found myself resenting the $50 a month I was paying towards Weight Watchers when I wasn't following the plan. I don't want to give up because there is no way that I am going to Chile looking like this.

I decided that I would weigh myself every Saturday and take a picture of the weight that I immediately email to my Mom. I will be sending the $50 to her each month to put away into our travel fund.

I am going back to my roots of when I was actually successful losing weight. I am eating small meals every two hours. I am trying to pull out my old favorites from before. I stocked up on the makings for bean tacos and sweet potatoes. I have mini meals planned to bring to work every day. I am upping my fiber and water intake.

I know that I can do this. I just need to stop giving up every time it is not as fun as when I started. I need to come up with new hobbies. I need to start adding more activity in my life.

While I don't think I will be magically be at my goal weight come next March, I do expect to see a significant difference. I CAN and WILL do this.

The added benefit to eating every two hours is that I have started eating with boys as a family at dinner time. It was something I hadn't noticed that I had drifted away from. I see now that because I wanted to eat a big dinner and wanted to make sure I didn't worry about getting hungry after dinner, I would wait until after Gabrian was in bed for the night. I can't tell you the guilt I felt when I saw how excited Gabrian was when I sat down to dinner with them. No way am I going to miss dinner with the boys anymore. Sunday through Thursday I plan on having a nice healthy meal with them every night.

I plan on going back to my Saturday Check-ins. I will start this coming Saturday.

I am sure that this "Every Two Hours" is the key to my success!!