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Monday, June 2, 2014

Saturday Weight Watcher's Series

After being such a "Negative Nancy" last week, I was able to pull through and have a great week. I lost 2.1 lbs. this week. It is amazing what a good loss will do for your motivation. I feel back in control and ready to take on this next week. I found a picture while cleaning out a drawer this past weekend of the last time I was in Chile. I was probably around 230 lbs. and I was looking good. I had a dress and cute cardigan on. My legs actually looked like normal legs and you could see the shape of my face. It had a beautiful background of the Volcano in Pucon. It is so motivational to know that eventually I will look like this again and surpass it to look even better. I have it pinned to my fridge so I can look at it everyday. I still have that dress and I plan on wearing it again. It hit me this week that I have lost a total of 34 lbs. At time it feels like it is dragging but I keep moving forward and it all adds up to a decent loss. If I keep plodding along and doing what I am supposed, it will get me where I want to go. I am finally starting to feel the loss in my pants. I am not quite ready to fit into those size 26 pants but I think I am pretty close. I hadn't realized it at the time but I must have been straining the seam of my current pants since I have lost quite a bit and can still wear the current pants. I look forward to the day that I can get rid of these pants. This time around, as soon as somehting is too large it is going out of my house. Too many times I have held onto these clothes as a safety net and I can't do that any more. Going forward, if the pants are too tight than I need to lose the weight. I am looking forward to seeing what this week brings me. Check in with next week!