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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How to Celebrate a 5-year Old's Birthday in Style

Gabrian turned 5 on Monday and we tried to really live it up. I was sad and excited at the same time to leave the Toddler Era. Gabrian started his morning off super relaxed and chill.

To really make sure we celebrated the day, both the boys went to the Dentist. Who doesn't want clean teeth on their Birthday?

After making sure everyone's teeth were shiny and clean we headed home. Gabrian jumped right in to help Grandma decorate the birthday cake.

It was getting pretty hot by mid-afternoon. So after lunch, Gabrian and I headed to Willard Beach. It was nice to enjoy the beach on a less crowded day.

We headed home and fought off the tempting lure of a afternoon nap. We cleaned up and headed to Gabrian's school for his Graduation. It really elevated our status to be with the Birthday Graduate. Not many people can claim that title.

After his ceremony, he was willing to pose for pictures with his adoring fans.

After a busy day we headed to Jimmy the Greek for a Birthday/Graduation Celebration.

We ended the night with some delicious cake.

It was an awesome day and felt like a wonderful way to usher in Gabrian's 5th Year. Gabrian's opinion of the day, "Best Birthday Ever!!"