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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Saturday Weight Watcher's Series

Sorry about the delay in the post again. I just can't find my excitement to post the loss this week. I lost .4 lbs. and I am so tired of these small losses. I guess it is because I am older this time around but I feel like the weight is just slowly drip dropping off.

I am so tired of being fat! I hate looking at myself and I just get disgusted that I let myself get here. I feel like that once I committed to lose the weight, it should just drop off quickly. I just want to be normal.

I know that this is a process and I am just going to have to let the weight come off when it wants to. I am doing everything I am supposed to and I need to give it time.

No worries...I am still staying on plan. I am just having a woe is me week.

See you next week!