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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Saturday Errands

I love Saturdays! Gabrian and I spend our days running errands and it is probably my favorite way to spend the day. I like sleeping in and spending some time in the morning preparing our shopping list. Gabrian likes to relax and get a few cartoons in during the morning.

I head out to my Weight Watchers meeting and than head back home to get Gabrian ready for his Dance Class. This year he is taking Creative Movement. We are looking forward to next Fall when he will be taking a combo class of Ballet and Tap. I am pretty sure he is going to be on So You Think You Can Dance. Of course I think he is going to make it to the top every time he starts some type of activity.

After dance class our day depends on which errands we need to run. We were lucky yesterday to run into a small Festival happening at Mill Creek Park in South Portland. This Festival was for Pre-School kids so a perfect stop for us. The best part was it was free. All activities were free to participate in. Gabrian was able to try out a plow truck, John Deere Tractor, play dough station, bounce houses and they had Sparks Ark show up to tell us about some of his animals. It was such a fun stop on a sunny day.

After the Festival we made our weekly trek to Market Basket in Biddeford. I enjoy that drive along route 1 (I do everything in my power to avoid paying for tolls on the highway). You never know what you might see going on during that drive. Before our big shopping trip at Market Basket we stopped off at Panera for lunch. I had a free birthday pastry on my card that I wanted to take advantage of (that is how they suck you in and get you to spend money).

At Market Basket they often have samples going on while we are shopping (a big part oft he reason that we like shopping there). During this visit they had two women at a display. One was decorating cakes and the other one had a microphone headset and was handing out cake samples. They really like Gabrian's Superman Shirt and decided to decorate a piece of cake just for him. He thought it was awesome!

After finishing our shopping trip for the week we headed back to South Portland. We needed to stop at Home Goods store to finish up our Mother's Day shopping. I have recently decided I need to start downsizing if I ever want to move to Chile. I need to stop having things come into the house and in fact things need to start going out. So it was a real practice of self control to not buy everything at their super great prices. I resorted to taking pictures of things that I would like to have.

This one I already own...the rest are things I would like to have come home with me (he was coming home with me whether I wanted it or not).

Ok...this come snuck it's way home with me. I love crabs and just couldn't resist this coffee mug. I figure it is small enough that it can come to Chile with me.

It was a successful Saturday errand day for us. How was your Saturday?