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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Random iPhone Pictures

I recently joined a challenge where I would post every day in May. It is really hard! I started off the challenge by missing the first 3 days. I did a blog blitz on Sunday to try to catch up (I realize that is technically cheating...lets not talk about it).

It is day 7 and I am already having "blog block" and can't come up with anything to write about today. So instead I offer you my random iPhone pictures.

I took this picture a few weeks ago at Nordstrom's Off the Rack in South Portland. I was excited that it actually fit. I realize it doesn't look that great on me but I can see where it is going to happen eventually. Plus it has birds on it!

Gabrian was modeling his new bug shirt for me. I am not sure where his pants were at the time.

This was taken at Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar. I was really tempted by those chocolate shots. I decided to pass on that shot of chocolate heaven because they wanted $4.95 for it and I had just finished a huge ice cream sundae for my lunch.

This was at Gabrian's dance class (one of the two times a year they let us observe the class). I like this photo because I am catching him mid twirl. I love how he embraces this class and eats up the attention he gets as the only boy in the class.

Gabrian has a really high fashion standards. Please notice his mustache shirt and Donald Duck Ear's. Again, I have no idea where his pants are. I am starting to envision his future at a nudist colony.

Last picture...I took this one outside the tailor shop. I got such a kick out of this sign. Can I also tell you how grown-up I felt going to a tailor. I had to get Gabrian's recital pants hemmed for the class picture on Saturday. I showed my grown-up side by giggling at the word urination.

My one thought after this post...I need more pictures of Riley. Where the heck is he? I am going to make him start hanging out with us more often (I am sure he will be just as excited as I am with my new plan).