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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Putting it out to the Universe

I really enjoy finding established blogs and reading through the entire thing. It almost becomes like reading a novel of someone's life. What I find most interesting is how after time each blog writer becomes successful (in their own way) and seems to find a lot of happiness in life.

I think this is because they are putting their hopes and dreams out to the Universe. They are sharing these dreams with the world to see. They may not get what they were originally hoping for but something even better comes along.

I thought it would be a good time to put out my hopes and dreams to the Universe and see what it wants to send me back. These are the things I would like:

1. I want to lose weight and be in a healthy weight range AND I want to keep the weight off.

2. I want to move and live in another Country (preferably in Chile but I am open to other areas).

3. I want to travel and vacation a lot more.

4. I want to be financially stable.

5. I want to be happy and satisfied with the life that I have.

6. I want a partner in life that truly wants to be with me and be a family (obviously they would need to love my boys as much I as I do).

7. I want to better about cleaning my house.

8. I want to live in a big city (and I want to afford to actually live in the city so we can enjoy everything it has to offer).

9. I want to see the World!

10. I want my kids to follow their passions and not end up in a huge amount of debt after school.

11. I would like my student loans to disappear.

12. I would like someone else to finish my paperwork for my Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

13. I would like to win the lottery (jackpot of $10 million or higher).

14. I would like to own my own home.

So what do you think Universe? Can we make any of these things happen?

How about you world...what do you want to put out to the Universe?