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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Is it Finally Spring Here Yet?

 I realize wherever you live, it has probably been spring for awhile. Not quite the case here in Maine. Spring is almost 2 months in and we are just now getting some signs of it coming (my Mom who is further North than we are has it way worse). This week we started to get some warmer weather and some things popping up. The boys were eagerly waiting for Spring to start.

Ok..the 16-year old has decide to just take a nap while waiting. The 4-year old thinks his brother looks like a good pillow. Last Thursday I was able to crack the grill open and try it out for the season. I am excited to report that it lit on the first try.

While waiting for the steak to cook, I took the time to admire my flowering crab tree. Other than dodging the bees to take the pictures, I really love that tree.

Today started off really rainy but we ended up with a really warm day (although not very sunny). While running our errands today, Gabrian and I found a really awesome building in Biddeford. He was happy to oblige with a photo shoot for me. Please enjoy as I subject you to all the photos...I loved them all and couldn't decide so you get them all.

How is it where you are living? Have you been able to enjoy Spring?