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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bubble Maineia Restaurant Review - Portland, Maine

The boys and I headed to downtown Portland this past Sunday. The Portland Museum of Art offered the employee's at my Company a chance to go this past weekend free of charge. If it's free, it's for me so we headed on over to check it out.

We checked in at the Museum to get our passes and we were set free to wander around. Riley and I determined pretty quickly that we are not Art Museum people. We are glad to say we saw it but once was probably enough for us. We did enjoy checking out the windows when we got a pop-up rain storm.

Gabrian also had a pretty good time in the children's room. It was a really hidden and out of the way room but it had the benefit of being empty so we weren't bothering anyone. We also had a respite of the guards following our every steps. I think we looked like "Art touchers" and they were afraid we were going to put our greasy paws over their pictures.

After we got our fill of the Museum we headed out to walk to our restaurant for lunch. We were going to try out Bubble Maineia. It was a short walk on a really nice spring day (except for those annoying pop-up showers).

Once inside we were able to check out the menu that was placed on blackboards in chalk (which is probably my favorite way to look at a menu).

We placed our order at the counter and the boys picked out a table (I eventually made them switch to another bigger table). We enjoyed checking out the decorations while we were waiting for the food to be called at the window.

Before long our drinks were ready.

The boys went with a Mango Fruit Shake ($3.99) and I had the Coconut Bubble Tea ($3.50). We all were in love with our drinks. I would definitely come back to the restaurant just for these. In fact I observed several people coming in for just drinks.

Riley ordered the Wonton Noodle Soup ($7.25). Riley liked it but wasn't raving about it. I tried some for myself and agree that it just wasn't that flavorful. He was ok with eating it but wouldn't order it again.

I ordered the Spicy Pan Fried Ramen Noodles ($6.75). This was similar to eating a salt lick for me. Parts of it almost tasted burnt to me and it was just an overwhelming taste of salt to it. I was definitely disappointed in my choice.

We also ordered a steamed Pork Bun ($1.75) and a steamed Red Bean Bun ($1.50). These had very little flavor and another disappointment to our lunch. In fact when I went to get a bowl to divide up the soup for the boys, I noticed the wrappers from these steam buns were from a local Asian Market to us. It was disheartening to realize that they did not make the buns here themselves.

Overall we were not terribly impressed with our visit to Bubble Maineia and would not eat again there anytime soon. However, we will definitely be visiting them for those delicious drinks again. I would especially love them on a hot summer day.

If you would like to try them out for yourselves, they are located at 15 Temple Street in Portland, Maine.