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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Saturday Weight Watcher's Series

Sorry about the delay in the post again. I just can't find my excitement to post the loss this week. I lost .4 lbs. and I am so tired of these small losses. I guess it is because I am older this time around but I feel like the weight is just slowly drip dropping off.

I am so tired of being fat! I hate looking at myself and I just get disgusted that I let myself get here. I feel like that once I committed to lose the weight, it should just drop off quickly. I just want to be normal.

I know that this is a process and I am just going to have to let the weight come off when it wants to. I am doing everything I am supposed to and I need to give it time.

No worries...I am still staying on plan. I am just having a woe is me week.

See you next week!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Saturday Weight Watcher's Series

Sorry about the delay this week. My Mom was visiting for the weekend and it felt rude to be on the computer while she was here.

I had another great week! I lost 1.4 lbs. which has given me a total of 31.5 lbs.

I hope to continue this good groove and see another great loss next week.

See you next week!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Saturday Weight Watcher's Series

It was a great weigh-in this week. I lost 3.7 lbs. which gave me a total loss of 30.1 lbs. This weight feels like it is taking its sweet time coming off but it is getting there.

I need to be consistent with counting my points and stop giving myself free passes. When I am good about counting my points, I have good losses. I know this fact and just need to do it.

This week I would like to continue doing well with counting the points and start working on more Activity Points. I would like to have more points to eat and the only way to do it is to earn more Activity Points. Especially since with this loss, I lost another daily point and I am now down to 49 points a day. I realize that sounds like a lot of points to people with way less but I always have a difficult time once I go below 50 points a day. This time I am going to power through it. There is no quitting this time!!

Check in with you next week!

Doc's Cafe and Marketplace Review - Cumberland, Maine

Yesterday for lunch, Gabrian and I had the opportunity to try out Doc's Café and Marketplace in Cumberland, Maine. I had a Living Social deal that gave us $16 to spend at the Café.

Right off the bat, we were off to a good start when heading for lunch. We really enjoyed the drive from Portland to Cumberland. It was so pretty looking at the Farms and gorgeous houses. While I am very happy in South Portland, I could totally see myself living in Portland.

The Café had ample parking but a word of warning is that it is not paved. So don't wear white during mud season and carefully consider your shoe choice. I would definitely enjoy sitting out on this patio during a sunnier day.

We placed our orders at the Counter with the friendly person at the counter. They were very helpful in getting us up to our $16. Once our order was completed, she told us to find a seat and they will bring out the food. I loved all of their comfy seating options.

I loved the pieces of art they had on the wall. They were all available for sale. If I had an extra $95, one of those would have definitely been coming home with me.

It wasn't long before our food was coming out of the kitchen. They had a large selection of sandwiches to pick from. I was really happy with our selections and have a couple others in mind for a future visit.

Gabrian chose the Kid's Peanut Butter and Jelly ($2.95). This was such a good deal. The bread was delicious and it was served with a natural peanut butter. This sandwich was huge!

I had the Hummus Wrap ($6.95) served with a nice assortment of fresh vegetables. It was a really nice light lunch.

We finished off our meal by sharing a Lemon Bar ($1.95). It was the perfect ending to our light lunch.

Overall, I was really pleased with our lunch here and will definitely be going back to try out some of their other sandwich combinations. I really enjoyed that this restaurant was filled with locals and the staff knew most of their names. It was such a nice sense of community inside this Café.

If you want to try Doc's Café and Marketplace for yourself, they are located at 371 Tuttle Rd., Cumberland, Maine.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Dockside Grill Review - Falmouth, Maine

I had a Living Social deal that was set to expire soon, so Gabrian and I decided to use it yesterday. After picking up Gabrian's recital pants from the tailor we headed out to The Dockside Grill for dinner.

The restaurant is located on the water and it adjacent to a yacht yard. Gabrian got a huge kick out of seeing all of the boats in and out of the water. We saw some people working on their boats and I think Gabrian would have liked to join them.

That afternoon before I had left work, I had checked out their website. On the site they mentioned that you could make reservations through Open Table. I went online but they were no longer offering that service. So I was quite surprised when we arrived and they asked if we had a reservation. They said they could still seat us but it would be a wait and we would only be able to sit a high table. We agreed and went back upstairs to wait to be called.

It wasn't long before they came back for us. I didn't mind sitting at the high top and Gabrian was actually quite excited. However, it annoyed me that the entire time we were dining I could see several low top tables that were available. I am not sure what the deal was.

Our waitress came by pretty quickly, although it felt like one of the few times that she actually came by. We placed our orders for drinks while we perused the menu. I had the Casco Bay Drink ($11). This was a rum infused with mango and pineapple served with coconut milk and nutmeg. This drink was amazing. I wanted to order another one but could never get the waitresses attention.

After looking at the menu, I decided we would get several appetizers and finish up with a dessert. Just a word of caution if you are bringing kids, there is no kids menu. Gabrian is a pretty good eater but if you have picky eaters, you may run into issues. The waitress took our order and we had a lengthy wait for our food. Another peeve of mine was they had a really nice looking bread service but we were never offered any. I saw other tables getting just appetizers that received bread so I am not sure why we were excluded.

Gabrian took this picture of me. He is getting pretty good with the camera. He has actually taken quite a few shots of me that I like lately. While we were waiting for our food, I had the opportunity to take a few pictures of our surroundings.

Our appetizer finally came out. We were starving at this point!

This was the Fried Calamari ($12) served with cocktail sauce.  I think this would have been delicious if it had been served hot. I think it had been sitting around for awhile waiting for our other dishes to be ready. I would have preferred it with a marinara or tartar sauce. The batter was nicely seasoned and not too heavy. I wish I could have had it when it first came out.

Our next appetizer was the Tostadas ($12) served with a pico de gallo and sour cream. It had beef, corn, and a black bean base. Again, this tasted like it had been sitting around for awhile and it was at best luke warm. I also felt like the tostada had been over fried. It didn't have much seasoning and was really bland. I wasn't impressed for the $12 it cost.

This one was the clear winner. It was mussels served in a broth made with wine ($13). If I had known how much we were going to fight over it, I would have given up one of the other choices and gotten two of these. I feel like I had blinked and Gabrian had wolfed it down. I forgot how much he loves mussels. We also fought over the bread to dip into the broth. This was definitely our favorite.

We chose the Doughnut Sundae ($8) for our dessert. The doughnut tasted freshly prepared and came out piping hot. We enjoyed this dish quite a bit as well.

My lasting impression is that I probably will not be coming back, at least with the kids. I wouldn't mind having that cocktail and mussels again. Since, Gabrian insists on eating every night, it will be very unlikely I will be returning soon.

If you would like to try The Dockside Grill for yourself, they are located at 215 Foreside Rd., Falmouth, Maine.

Is it Finally Spring Here Yet?

 I realize wherever you live, it has probably been spring for awhile. Not quite the case here in Maine. Spring is almost 2 months in and we are just now getting some signs of it coming (my Mom who is further North than we are has it way worse). This week we started to get some warmer weather and some things popping up. The boys were eagerly waiting for Spring to start.

Ok..the 16-year old has decide to just take a nap while waiting. The 4-year old thinks his brother looks like a good pillow. Last Thursday I was able to crack the grill open and try it out for the season. I am excited to report that it lit on the first try.

While waiting for the steak to cook, I took the time to admire my flowering crab tree. Other than dodging the bees to take the pictures, I really love that tree.

Today started off really rainy but we ended up with a really warm day (although not very sunny). While running our errands today, Gabrian and I found a really awesome building in Biddeford. He was happy to oblige with a photo shoot for me. Please enjoy as I subject you to all the photos...I loved them all and couldn't decide so you get them all.

How is it where you are living? Have you been able to enjoy Spring?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Putting it out to the Universe

I really enjoy finding established blogs and reading through the entire thing. It almost becomes like reading a novel of someone's life. What I find most interesting is how after time each blog writer becomes successful (in their own way) and seems to find a lot of happiness in life.

I think this is because they are putting their hopes and dreams out to the Universe. They are sharing these dreams with the world to see. They may not get what they were originally hoping for but something even better comes along.

I thought it would be a good time to put out my hopes and dreams to the Universe and see what it wants to send me back. These are the things I would like:

1. I want to lose weight and be in a healthy weight range AND I want to keep the weight off.

2. I want to move and live in another Country (preferably in Chile but I am open to other areas).

3. I want to travel and vacation a lot more.

4. I want to be financially stable.

5. I want to be happy and satisfied with the life that I have.

6. I want a partner in life that truly wants to be with me and be a family (obviously they would need to love my boys as much I as I do).

7. I want to better about cleaning my house.

8. I want to live in a big city (and I want to afford to actually live in the city so we can enjoy everything it has to offer).

9. I want to see the World!

10. I want my kids to follow their passions and not end up in a huge amount of debt after school.

11. I would like my student loans to disappear.

12. I would like someone else to finish my paperwork for my Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

13. I would like to win the lottery (jackpot of $10 million or higher).

14. I would like to own my own home.

So what do you think Universe? Can we make any of these things happen?

How about you world...what do you want to put out to the Universe?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Random iPhone Pictures

I recently joined a challenge where I would post every day in May. It is really hard! I started off the challenge by missing the first 3 days. I did a blog blitz on Sunday to try to catch up (I realize that is technically cheating...lets not talk about it).

It is day 7 and I am already having "blog block" and can't come up with anything to write about today. So instead I offer you my random iPhone pictures.

I took this picture a few weeks ago at Nordstrom's Off the Rack in South Portland. I was excited that it actually fit. I realize it doesn't look that great on me but I can see where it is going to happen eventually. Plus it has birds on it!

Gabrian was modeling his new bug shirt for me. I am not sure where his pants were at the time.

This was taken at Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar. I was really tempted by those chocolate shots. I decided to pass on that shot of chocolate heaven because they wanted $4.95 for it and I had just finished a huge ice cream sundae for my lunch.

This was at Gabrian's dance class (one of the two times a year they let us observe the class). I like this photo because I am catching him mid twirl. I love how he embraces this class and eats up the attention he gets as the only boy in the class.

Gabrian has a really high fashion standards. Please notice his mustache shirt and Donald Duck Ear's. Again, I have no idea where his pants are. I am starting to envision his future at a nudist colony.

Last picture...I took this one outside the tailor shop. I got such a kick out of this sign. Can I also tell you how grown-up I felt going to a tailor. I had to get Gabrian's recital pants hemmed for the class picture on Saturday. I showed my grown-up side by giggling at the word urination.

My one thought after this post...I need more pictures of Riley. Where the heck is he? I am going to make him start hanging out with us more often (I am sure he will be just as excited as I am with my new plan).

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bubble Maineia Restaurant Review - Portland, Maine

The boys and I headed to downtown Portland this past Sunday. The Portland Museum of Art offered the employee's at my Company a chance to go this past weekend free of charge. If it's free, it's for me so we headed on over to check it out.

We checked in at the Museum to get our passes and we were set free to wander around. Riley and I determined pretty quickly that we are not Art Museum people. We are glad to say we saw it but once was probably enough for us. We did enjoy checking out the windows when we got a pop-up rain storm.

Gabrian also had a pretty good time in the children's room. It was a really hidden and out of the way room but it had the benefit of being empty so we weren't bothering anyone. We also had a respite of the guards following our every steps. I think we looked like "Art touchers" and they were afraid we were going to put our greasy paws over their pictures.

After we got our fill of the Museum we headed out to walk to our restaurant for lunch. We were going to try out Bubble Maineia. It was a short walk on a really nice spring day (except for those annoying pop-up showers).

Once inside we were able to check out the menu that was placed on blackboards in chalk (which is probably my favorite way to look at a menu).

We placed our order at the counter and the boys picked out a table (I eventually made them switch to another bigger table). We enjoyed checking out the decorations while we were waiting for the food to be called at the window.

Before long our drinks were ready.

The boys went with a Mango Fruit Shake ($3.99) and I had the Coconut Bubble Tea ($3.50). We all were in love with our drinks. I would definitely come back to the restaurant just for these. In fact I observed several people coming in for just drinks.

Riley ordered the Wonton Noodle Soup ($7.25). Riley liked it but wasn't raving about it. I tried some for myself and agree that it just wasn't that flavorful. He was ok with eating it but wouldn't order it again.

I ordered the Spicy Pan Fried Ramen Noodles ($6.75). This was similar to eating a salt lick for me. Parts of it almost tasted burnt to me and it was just an overwhelming taste of salt to it. I was definitely disappointed in my choice.

We also ordered a steamed Pork Bun ($1.75) and a steamed Red Bean Bun ($1.50). These had very little flavor and another disappointment to our lunch. In fact when I went to get a bowl to divide up the soup for the boys, I noticed the wrappers from these steam buns were from a local Asian Market to us. It was disheartening to realize that they did not make the buns here themselves.

Overall we were not terribly impressed with our visit to Bubble Maineia and would not eat again there anytime soon. However, we will definitely be visiting them for those delicious drinks again. I would especially love them on a hot summer day.

If you would like to try them out for yourselves, they are located at 15 Temple Street in Portland, Maine.