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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Walking it Out

I have been talking the last couple of weeks about increasing my activity level. My hope is that next week Riley and I will start the Couch-to-5k. The only thing really holding me back is I need pants to exercise in. I know that probably sounds like a lame excuse but it is really true. I only have jeans and work pants right now (and pajama pants). I had activity pants not too long ago but I had started wearing them as pajamas and they got worn out and ended up ripping and showing way too much of the moon (not the one in the sky).

I am having trouble finding pants in my size that are affordable. Apparently big girls like me don't have a big need for them. You would think we are exactly the market they would be targeting too (except for those weird people that actually like exercise). They should make cute plus-size workout wear that actually looks nice on us (as in the shirts should be long enough to cover our trouble areas and the pants should be cute). We are girls too and just because I am big doesn't mean I don't want to look nice. Ok...I digress, I need pants and I don't want to spend a fortune. I have a deadline of Saturday because on Sunday Riley and I are starting the program no matter what.

During my lunch hours at work I have been trying to walk. I have been doing it for the last two weeks but seem to max out on about 2 walks a week. I am trying to increase that number and hoping for 4-5 times a week. Basically I would like to do it every day that is not extremely cold or stormy outside. It looks like we are about to have a good stretch of weather the rest of the week so I should hit 4 times (fingers crossed). Yesterday was rainy and I missed the walk. The other thing that has helped me is that a Co-Worker has recently started joining me on the walks and that helps keeping me walking. I feel guilty if I don't want to go so I force myself no matter what.

I just downloaded an App to my phone. It is called Map My Walk and I used it for the first time tonight. It was pretty neat. You enter in your height and weight and it will calculate how many calories you are burning. I am using ActiveLink from Weight Watchers and that is great because it tracks all my movement for the day and calculates it into points for me. Anyway back to my App, it shows you the distance you have walked, it calculates your current minutes per mile and will also tell you at each mile how many minutes you took, and it uses GPS and maps out where you walked. Because I used the track at the High School, I walked an oval. It looked pretty funny.

My very unimpressive walk time was a 19.38 minute mile. I know super pathetic. I heard for the Disney Princess run you have to maintain a 16 minute mile or the Bus of Shame will come pick up and bring you to the finish line. I so do not want to get scooped up by the bus. I have about 10 months to greatly reduce that time.

Starting next week, Riley and I will do the Couch-to-5k 3 times a week. I am targeting Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. We will obviously adjust for bad weather and our schedules. I will continue to walk on my lunch hour any time there is good weather. Hopefully I will soon see some increase Activity Points!