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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Snack Saturday

Saturday is errand day. I was fortunate that it is school vacation and Gabrian did not have dance class today. This combined with the rain made it for a really lazy morning. I barely was able to make myself get dressed to go to weight watchers for weigh-in. After spending hours getting my grocery list together, Gabrian and I were ready to head out for the day.

Our first stop was Trader Joe's. I probably wouldn't go there if I had a choice. Most of the people that shop there really get on my nerves. A bunch of yuppies that have no regard to cars what-so-ever. You can seriously wait at that stupid cross walk for 5 minutes waiting for a break of all the pedestrians. I won't even go into the fact that they let their kids run behind your car without a care in the world even if you are already half way backed out of your parking spot. You are probably wondering at this point why I bother going. This is why:

Gabrian loves the kid size shopping carts and will ask me to go shopping there. I figure he doesn't have that many years left with that cart and I will just suck it up for now.

We like to go to Biddeford to do the majority of our shopping. There are several stops that we like to make along our way that the Portland area does just not offer (Trans Market, Market Basket, and several others).

It is about a 30 minute drive until we get to Biddeford and Gabrian passed out before we arrived at Trans Market. I let him sleep awhile but Facebook only kept me entertained for so long. Eventually I woke him up. He was not happy about that.

We also stopped at Target today because I needed to pick up some Disney Gift Cards to go towards paying off our trip in August. Using my red card we are able to get 5% off the purchase. While there we had a good time walking around the store.

I really wanted these containers. I could envision making really cool looking desserts or yogurt parfaits in them. I passed on them because they were expensive and I know I wasn't actually going to ever use them. I should buy them for my Mom, she would probably make something cool to go in them.

Gabrian hinted really heavily that he would like one of these cups. I managed to escape the store without purchasing one of these. I am sure he filed it away for a future visit and will attack me again with a request for this.

We totally took advantage of this Easter clearance candy (as if we don't have enough left over from actual Easter). They even had a section with Easter items for 90% off. I spent about $3 so not as bad as it could have been.

Our final stop was Market Basket. My favorite site of the day was this RV parking job. I love people that are so considerate of other people. I suppose it never occurred to them to park on the side of the market where there is plenty of room for the RV and the car (it probably occurred to them but they decided it was better for people to squeeze around them instead of them walking a little further). Is it wrong of me that I slightly hoped someone gently tapped them as they were passing them?

I love Saturday's because I snack my way through dinner. It is one of my favorite meals of the week.

Final note of the day. Do not throw away any art work of the 4-year old where they can find it in the garbage. They are hurt and outraged that you would even consider getting rid of it and they will pull it out of the garbage and put it in a safe place with a stern warning for you to be more careful next time.