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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Royal River Grillhouse Review - Yarmouth, Maine

Yesterday we went to dinner to celebrate Riley's birthday. I would have preferred to go on his actual birthday but since his girlfriend trumps me, I had to settle for the night before. I had purchased a Groupon awhile ago for this dinner. We were excited for an awesome dinner at Royal River Grillhouse in Yarmouth, Maine. We had $100 to spend and we were eager to see how much we could get.

The restaurant was tucked away just a little bit from the entrance from the parking lot. We parked next to quite a few boats that had been put away for the winter.

It was exciting for me because I am currently reading a blog called Bumfuzzle about a couple that sailed around the world in about 4 years. They went on to purchase a VW bus and travel around with that. They have been going strong for about 10 years and now travel with their two children. Right now I am currently up to their 2008 travels and have really enjoyed reading about their journeys. It is definitely inspiring for me with my dreams to live in another country. Anyway, I digress but I just wanted to mention why I was so excited to see the boats.

We entered into the restaurant and could smell the awesome smoky smell of a fireplace. I never did see one so I am not sure if they actually have one or if the kitchen was using a wood fire oven. We could also see them setting up a piano. We were able to enjoy that music throughout our whole meal.

We were offered an option to sit in the dining room or the lounge. I let Riley pick and went with the lounge. I think he made a wise choice because we got the great table with a couch on one side with lots of comfy pillows. The great thing about this couch was it was a built in and was the correct height to the table.

Our waitress came out shortly after we were seated and took our drink orders. Gabrian is so funny because he is obsessed about "Grown-up" drinks. I rarely drink in front of him but he sure knows every time I have one. When the waitress came to get our drink order he let her know that Mommy wanted a Grown-up drink and she should get me one of those Grown-up bottles (he had a clear view of the bar). Technically he was right because I was ordering a cocktail but boy does he know how to make me look like a lush.

We put in our drink orders (my grown-up drink included) and settled in to check out the menu. Not long after our drinks showed up.

I went with a Pear Cosmopolitan ($10). It definitely had a distinct flavor of pear in the drink. I think I still prefer a regular cosmopolitan but this was a fun alternative to try.

 After the drinks arrived we placed our order including several appetizers we were eyeing. It was fun to have the extra money to try out some things we might normally not go for.

We really enjoyed being in the lounge and it felt so cozy on such a stormy night. I think I also would have liked that second level in the dining room. It will be hard not to pick the lounge on our next trip here.

Our bread service came out next. I tried to resist the temptation of that delicious bread but I just couldn't hold back. I did limit myself to one warm, garlicky, soft, and crusty piece. It was worth every perfect bite.

Riley ordered the crab cakes ($15). He was absolutely in love this. He is a huge fan of crab cakes and was so excited to be allowed to order them. He wasn't as in love with the salad served between the cakes. I do not share his love of crab cakes but even I thought my bite was pretty good. It was moist and very flavorful.

I ordered their wedge salad ($8). They serve it with homemade ranch dressing and lots of it. It had the perfect lettuce to ranch dressing ratio to it (basically just below soup level). The bacon was crispy and it had nice chunks of blue cheese. I thought the cucumber and radish was a nice touch. The only thing missing for me would be red onions.

It really was fun to be in this really nice and cozy lounge while the storm drizzled on outside. One interesting thing about this meal is we had actually ordered a third appetizer. We had ordered the Polenta Fries but they never showed up. Our waitress never mentioned them and I am guessing that she must have forgotten about them. We ended up rolling out of here so it is something we will just have to try on our next visit.

Riley even tolerated me taking several birthday photos during the dinner.

I decided to try a second cocktail (I need to keep up my lush status with Gabrian). It was the Pepper Pineapple Martini ($10). It was really different and delicious. I liked the mix of spicy and sweet that this drink brought. My favorite part was the boozy bits of pineapple that I was able to eat the end.

Riley ordered the Haddock Sandwich and choose French Fries to go with it ($13). He was really happy with his selection. He found the fish to be very delicately flavored and really like how they pan fried the fish.

Gabrian ordered from the Appetizer menu and ordered the small portion of the mussels ($8). He and I loved this (it was a huge amount of mussels and he didn't come close to finishing it). I think his favorite part was dipping his garlic bread into the wonderful broth on the bottom. It was a broth made with madeira wine. I am so hungry just looking at this picture.

I had the Haddock Entrée ($24). It was prepared like the Haddock on the sandwich and was just as delicious. It also came with garlic mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts with browned butter. It was just a phenomenal meal.

Even though we were stuffed at this point we had to get dessert to celebrate the birthday boy. Since we had some more money available with the Groupon, we got Riley's first cappuccino ($4).

This was a huge success with him. He felt it was very sophisticated to have the biscotti with it. I agree that mine was equally tasty.

The only thing better would have been able to pull off a cappuccino mustache picture with Riley. Oh well, I guess 16-year olds are too cool for that.

Gabrian choose the Molten Chocolate Cake ($7). He really enjoyed this and it was large enough that we were able to bring home most of the cake for another night's dessert.

Riley picked the Brownie Sundae ($6). It was a clear winner for him. It has a chewy and chocolaty brownie. Which is awesome since there is nothing worse than a dried out hockey puck of a brownie.

I had the Crème Brule ($7) served with a molasses cookie. Gabrian took over my cookie but it sure did look delicious. I ended up pulling off most of the Brule portion mostly for personal taste. I thought the custard underneath was so delicious.

On our way out I considered stopping into the Yacht store and purchasing a boat to travel around the world. Than I realized that my almost negative balance in the checking account was probably not going to get me very far around the world, so I decided to pass for now.

I thought this meal was excellent and was so happy that we had chosen it for the birthday meal. We definitely plan on eating here again and trying out some new things with some items that have already become favorites (I definitely envision some more mussels in my future).

If you would like to try Royal River Grillhouse out for yourself, they are located at 106 Lafayette Street in Yarmouth.