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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Every Day I'm Struggling

This week I have been struggling in the Weight Watchers Department. I have been following my points but I know there have been way too many times that I have decided something doesn't count as points (cocktail anyone?). I feel like I am in a funk this week. I think one of my problems is that I am not following my plan of eating every two hours and eating larger meals instead. This never works for me and I need to adjust this eating style immediately. I know that I do best eating every two hours.

Both yesterday and today I was able to enjoy my free coffees from Dunkin Donuts for my birthday. Yesterday they gave me a hot coffee instead of the iced I had ordered. I didn't say anything because I felt bad about complaining on a free drink. I probably should have because I pouted all morning over the hot coffee. I am happy to report that today they gave me the correct order.

Today ended my streak of preparing our dinners. Last night we had a French Onion Pot Pie recipe I found. It was ok but I doubt I will make it again. Our favorite part was the biscuits on the top.

We have had the most annoying construction going on right in front of our condo. You can't see it but they even have a port-a-potty set up on our Condo road. Our street is part road and part private driveway. So it is weird to have these huge construction vehicles on our property. The worst part is the flaggers never do their job and will not help us get off the property. They leave the workers getting mad because we are not getting out of their way. Do your job flaggers!

Gabrian really likes taking pictures and it is always a funny surprise what I might find on my phone. He is really big into taking selfies of himself.

I am attempting to teach Gabrian Spanish even though I am not fluent myself and my pronunciation is horrible. I hope as my Spanish comes along I will be able to help him even further. I am reading him several books in Spanish every night, although we don't have many so they are getting boring pretty quickly. I tried going to our local bookstore but surprisingly (or not) they have no children's books in Spanish. I am researching my options online. If anyone knows where to get Children's books in Spanish cheap, please let me know!

This is my new favorite sleeping position of Gabrian. He really knows how to take control of a twin bed!