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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Casa Fiesta Restaurant Review - Biddeford, Maine

Gabrian and tried out Casa Fiesta for lunch today during our Saturday Errand Run. Per my usual, I had a Living Social deal. It cost me $15 and we had $30 to spend at the restaurant. As soon as we entered, I couldn't believe how awesome this place looked inside. It looked cozy and huge at the same time.

We settled in and took a look at the menu. It was pretty big (in fact after I ordered, I realized there was a whole page I had missed). Our waiter was super friendly and was clearly a native Spanish speaker. I agonized during the whole meal, of how I could get in a little Spanish. You would be amazed how great my Spanish is inside my head.

While we were reviewing the menu, our drinks came out along with the Chips and Salsa. Along with the chips they also served  a spicy mayo dip.

The chips were so deliciously warm and salty. They are just the way I want the chips to come out. Gabrian and I loved the salsa. My favorite part of a salsa is the chunky onions in it and this one had plenty of it. The mayo was interesting. I would definitely eat it again.

Gabrian chose the Kid's Beef Taco with Rice and Beans ($5.99). He loved the taco and tolerated the rice and beans. This was not the fault of the rice and beans, he is never a fan of them.

I chose the Fajitas Del Mar ($17.99). These included shrimp and scallops and was beyond wonderful. I wish I had another plate of these in front of me right now. Gabrian was also a huge fan of my shrimp (he would probably also have been a fan of the scallops if I wasn't so selfish and wouldn't offer up any to share). The shellfish was cooked perfectly and seasoned just right. If you like seafood and fajitas than this is the dish for you.

Gabrian and I will definitely be back to this restaurant. They had an awesome Lunch Special section that I will be checking out next time. I would also love to try one of their really great looking Margaritas.

I am also proud to report that I was able to test out my limited Spanish because my Living Social still has my married name of Hernandez on it. When the waiter noticed that we actually spoke a little Spanish. I am very impressed how easily it comes back to me. I am actively working online practicing my Spanish and someday soon hope to have a real honest to goodness conversation in the language.

If you would like to try Casa Fiesta out for yourself, they are located at 500 Mariner Way, Biddeford, Maine.