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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Birthday Week is Over

If it is official, the Birthday Week is over. I can stop trying to find reasons to celebrate. It has been a really nice last couple of days.

I spent my entire birthday making sure I took no part of any cooking. I treated myself to both breakfast and lunch.

Did you see how I tried to pretend I was going to bring a lunch but instead got Chipotle. I will let you into a secret. The pink bag had a package of crackers and a soda inside it.

On my Birthday my friend and I went to The Grill Room & Bar for an adult dinner. Riley was nice enough to watch Gabrian for the night. It was just such a nice and relaxing dinner.

Also on my birthday I decided that I want to start researching how to trade stocks. I am reading a awesome blog site right now called Bumfuzzle and this couple and now their kids are traveling around the world through different modes of transportation. I believe he makes most of his money in stocks. In fact he wrote a book on how he made his money and about their lifestyle called "Live on the Margin". Eventually I plan on buying his book as well. However, I am starting with Stock Investing for Dummies and Penny Stocks for Dummies. I will let you know what I think about the books when I get them.

On Thursday, I received a nice surprise at work when my co-workers brought in cake, bagels, and yogurt to celebrate my birthday. I guess it shouldn't have been that much of a surprise since I participate in the birthday cake group. We each take turns bringing in goodies for the birthday people of that month. I was lucky since I was the only one with an April birthday so it was all for me.

Last night we finally did the trail on the Back Cove Trail again. We were much more prepared this time. I had a stroller for Gabrian when he got tired (and he did about halfway through) and we remembered to bring water. Riley totally smoked me on this trail. He finished about 20 minutes earlier than I did. I enjoyed walking this trail and seeing all sorts of people out there. It was fun for people watching. In total it was a little over 4 miles (based on my Map My Walk Application) and it took me an hour and a half to complete.

Once again the 16-year old eludes me in the picture department. I am going to have to carry my camera around all the time and start doing sneak attack pictures. You guys are going to start thinking I am making him up otherwise.

PS...this is my 100th Post!!!