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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Every Day I'm Struggling

This week I have been struggling in the Weight Watchers Department. I have been following my points but I know there have been way too many times that I have decided something doesn't count as points (cocktail anyone?). I feel like I am in a funk this week. I think one of my problems is that I am not following my plan of eating every two hours and eating larger meals instead. This never works for me and I need to adjust this eating style immediately. I know that I do best eating every two hours.

Both yesterday and today I was able to enjoy my free coffees from Dunkin Donuts for my birthday. Yesterday they gave me a hot coffee instead of the iced I had ordered. I didn't say anything because I felt bad about complaining on a free drink. I probably should have because I pouted all morning over the hot coffee. I am happy to report that today they gave me the correct order.

Today ended my streak of preparing our dinners. Last night we had a French Onion Pot Pie recipe I found. It was ok but I doubt I will make it again. Our favorite part was the biscuits on the top.

We have had the most annoying construction going on right in front of our condo. You can't see it but they even have a port-a-potty set up on our Condo road. Our street is part road and part private driveway. So it is weird to have these huge construction vehicles on our property. The worst part is the flaggers never do their job and will not help us get off the property. They leave the workers getting mad because we are not getting out of their way. Do your job flaggers!

Gabrian really likes taking pictures and it is always a funny surprise what I might find on my phone. He is really big into taking selfies of himself.

I am attempting to teach Gabrian Spanish even though I am not fluent myself and my pronunciation is horrible. I hope as my Spanish comes along I will be able to help him even further. I am reading him several books in Spanish every night, although we don't have many so they are getting boring pretty quickly. I tried going to our local bookstore but surprisingly (or not) they have no children's books in Spanish. I am researching my options online. If anyone knows where to get Children's books in Spanish cheap, please let me know!

This is my new favorite sleeping position of Gabrian. He really knows how to take control of a twin bed!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Make Yourself Smell Pretty

Gabrian ordered that I "Make myself smell Pretty" tonight after my shower. I wasn't sure how to take that. Did he mean he really liked the sprays and lotions I use or did I have a big stink going on. Either way I laid it on thick with the beauty products. I didn't want to take any chances.

It was an exciting mail day today because I received my Dunkin Donuts Free Coffee card today for my birthday. Somehow I made it on their mailing list twice and actually received two of those bad boys. The only downside is that they expire on the 30th so I know where I will be getting my coffee fix the next couple of days but would have preferred to space it out. Of course they will suck me in to get a garlic bagel with cream cheese.

I have downloaded a new App to my phone called the Money Monitor. I am hoping to get a better feel for how much money I am spending. I feel like too many dollars are trickling out and too often I think that it only costs a dollar or five dollars or even ten dollars. Before I know it I am left with a few dollars until the next paycheck. I am going to treat this like weight watchers and track every dollar that comes in and goes out. I would love it at some point in my life I wasn't living pay check to pay check. It is way too scary of a place to be.

My Mom and Riley gave me money to get Disney Gift Cards to pay down on the trip. I get 5% off at Target using my Red Card Debit to purchase the cards. After applying the gift cards tonight I am happy to report that we have paid more than half of our trip off. Our plane tickets have already been purchased so we are on our way there. I can't wait for August!!

I am as shocked as anybody else but I actually made dinner two nights in a row. I notice I am much better with dealing with the food in our house when I am tight on money. Anytime I have any extra I find an excuse to not eat what we already have. This is something I hope to get better at. I would like to be making meals that are more weight watcher friendly and stop wasting money. Tonight we had a skirt steak that was marinated with Thai spices (mostly red curry paste and lime juice). It was a success since we all enjoyed it. Hopefully tomorrow night I will be 3 for 3 in the meal preparation.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Painting the Cat Green

I love Sundays where we don't have anything planned. I wish every Sunday was like this. Today, Gabrian and I slept until 9:30. I had taken a Tylenol PM the previous night because my legs had been super jumpy. I am not sure what Gabrian's issue was. I hate sleeping that late because I feel that I wasted a lot of my day.

Riley had a date today and needed a ride there and afterwards. So around noon I finally decided to get dressed to take Riley to the restaurant.

Gabrian and I decided to head to the beach instead of heading home while we waited for Riley.

We along with every dog owner in South Portland headed to Willow Beach today.

I spent some time house shopping during our walk.

We really enjoyed our walk along the beach. Gabrian tested out every section to find the best places to dig.

Back home I attempted to make my own pizza (already prepared crust of course). I have been recently in love with frozen pizzas and thought I could save some points if I made my own. Apparently I cannot save points and maybe should have figured out the points before eating it. This not so great pizza cost me 29 points!

Gabrian tried out a new painting set this afternoon. Somewhere along the line he painted the cat. I had to spend about 10 minutes trying to explain why it isn't funny to paint the cat green.

I was so proud of myself for making dinner tonight instead of punking out like I usually do. I don't know how I always manage to exhaust myself after doing a day of nothing.

I would say this was a successful Sunday for us!

Saturday Weight Watcher Series

To say I was surprised with my weigh in results this week would be a huge understatement. I went to my meeting on Saturday to get the gain that I most definitely deserved. I just finished Birthday week and a trip to NYC the previous weekend. On top of that I hadn't weighed in last week because of NYC and I was -76 points in the hole.

I think I had to do a double take when the front desk person told me I lost .7 lbs. I was expecting a 2-3 lb. gain. I have now lost a total of 26 lbs. I was so excited and grateful.

I feel that Birthday week was a learning experience for me. I went into the week knowing I was going to go over my points. I wanted to make sure I continued to record everything I ate and to make sure I increased my activity in order to combat some of the extra points.

I did not track that well during the weekend and had to go back and try to remember. I was not happy with myself for that. There was no reason I couldn't record the food as I went. I know when we are in Disney I will make sure to record everything I eat, the second it touches my lips.

Overall, I am pleased with the results and will stay extra vigilant this week in case a gain that I deserved this week doesn't show up until the following week.

Check in with you next week!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Casa Fiesta Restaurant Review - Biddeford, Maine

Gabrian and tried out Casa Fiesta for lunch today during our Saturday Errand Run. Per my usual, I had a Living Social deal. It cost me $15 and we had $30 to spend at the restaurant. As soon as we entered, I couldn't believe how awesome this place looked inside. It looked cozy and huge at the same time.

We settled in and took a look at the menu. It was pretty big (in fact after I ordered, I realized there was a whole page I had missed). Our waiter was super friendly and was clearly a native Spanish speaker. I agonized during the whole meal, of how I could get in a little Spanish. You would be amazed how great my Spanish is inside my head.

While we were reviewing the menu, our drinks came out along with the Chips and Salsa. Along with the chips they also served  a spicy mayo dip.

The chips were so deliciously warm and salty. They are just the way I want the chips to come out. Gabrian and I loved the salsa. My favorite part of a salsa is the chunky onions in it and this one had plenty of it. The mayo was interesting. I would definitely eat it again.

Gabrian chose the Kid's Beef Taco with Rice and Beans ($5.99). He loved the taco and tolerated the rice and beans. This was not the fault of the rice and beans, he is never a fan of them.

I chose the Fajitas Del Mar ($17.99). These included shrimp and scallops and was beyond wonderful. I wish I had another plate of these in front of me right now. Gabrian was also a huge fan of my shrimp (he would probably also have been a fan of the scallops if I wasn't so selfish and wouldn't offer up any to share). The shellfish was cooked perfectly and seasoned just right. If you like seafood and fajitas than this is the dish for you.

Gabrian and I will definitely be back to this restaurant. They had an awesome Lunch Special section that I will be checking out next time. I would also love to try one of their really great looking Margaritas.

I am also proud to report that I was able to test out my limited Spanish because my Living Social still has my married name of Hernandez on it. When the waiter noticed that we actually spoke a little Spanish. I am very impressed how easily it comes back to me. I am actively working online practicing my Spanish and someday soon hope to have a real honest to goodness conversation in the language.

If you would like to try Casa Fiesta out for yourself, they are located at 500 Mariner Way, Biddeford, Maine.

Snack Saturday

Saturday is errand day. I was fortunate that it is school vacation and Gabrian did not have dance class today. This combined with the rain made it for a really lazy morning. I barely was able to make myself get dressed to go to weight watchers for weigh-in. After spending hours getting my grocery list together, Gabrian and I were ready to head out for the day.

Our first stop was Trader Joe's. I probably wouldn't go there if I had a choice. Most of the people that shop there really get on my nerves. A bunch of yuppies that have no regard to cars what-so-ever. You can seriously wait at that stupid cross walk for 5 minutes waiting for a break of all the pedestrians. I won't even go into the fact that they let their kids run behind your car without a care in the world even if you are already half way backed out of your parking spot. You are probably wondering at this point why I bother going. This is why:

Gabrian loves the kid size shopping carts and will ask me to go shopping there. I figure he doesn't have that many years left with that cart and I will just suck it up for now.

We like to go to Biddeford to do the majority of our shopping. There are several stops that we like to make along our way that the Portland area does just not offer (Trans Market, Market Basket, and several others).

It is about a 30 minute drive until we get to Biddeford and Gabrian passed out before we arrived at Trans Market. I let him sleep awhile but Facebook only kept me entertained for so long. Eventually I woke him up. He was not happy about that.

We also stopped at Target today because I needed to pick up some Disney Gift Cards to go towards paying off our trip in August. Using my red card we are able to get 5% off the purchase. While there we had a good time walking around the store.

I really wanted these containers. I could envision making really cool looking desserts or yogurt parfaits in them. I passed on them because they were expensive and I know I wasn't actually going to ever use them. I should buy them for my Mom, she would probably make something cool to go in them.

Gabrian hinted really heavily that he would like one of these cups. I managed to escape the store without purchasing one of these. I am sure he filed it away for a future visit and will attack me again with a request for this.

We totally took advantage of this Easter clearance candy (as if we don't have enough left over from actual Easter). They even had a section with Easter items for 90% off. I spent about $3 so not as bad as it could have been.

Our final stop was Market Basket. My favorite site of the day was this RV parking job. I love people that are so considerate of other people. I suppose it never occurred to them to park on the side of the market where there is plenty of room for the RV and the car (it probably occurred to them but they decided it was better for people to squeeze around them instead of them walking a little further). Is it wrong of me that I slightly hoped someone gently tapped them as they were passing them?

I love Saturday's because I snack my way through dinner. It is one of my favorite meals of the week.

Final note of the day. Do not throw away any art work of the 4-year old where they can find it in the garbage. They are hurt and outraged that you would even consider getting rid of it and they will pull it out of the garbage and put it in a safe place with a stern warning for you to be more careful next time.