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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Saturday Weight Watcher's Series

I had a loss this week so it was successful. I weighed in at 335.3 which was a 1.9 lbs. loss and it brought me to a grand total of 19.5 lbs. gone. I am so happy for the loss but this week was such a struggle!

On Saturday I almost went completely off the plan. There was an incident with a bag of pret,zels and hummus that I am embarrassed to just think about it. I had thoughts of trying to pretend it never happened but came to my senses and counted everything. It left me with 12 weekly points for the rest of the week. Not much of a safety net.

On Sunday I had a huge amount of points left at the end of the day. I decided it would be a good idea to have cheese and almost a tub of ice cream for dinner. Granted I only used my daily points for this healthy meal, I somehow think I could have done better.

Starting on Monday night going into all day Tuesday I was felt like a hollow log. It didn't matter what I ate I was still hungry. It was the hunger that sits in the back of your throat. It made for very long days. I think it was partly because of my large eating days on the Weekend and partly because it was the start of that awesome time of the month.

This week in Maine was Restaurant Week, which was awesome by the way! I had two meals planned out. I went to Zapoteca for lunch on Thursday and David's Restaurant on Friday for dinner. The meals were beyond amazing but required a lot of planning. Especially with so few weekly points remaining.

Overall, I think this week was a huge success. I learned that I could have a stumble and still come out ok for the week. I need to get immediately back on plan and own the mistakes I made. I was still able to have some amazing meals and stay in my points. I increased my activity to give my self a safety net and really worked on staying within my daily points on the days I wasn't going to a restaurant.

This week I plan on not doing anything crazy. I need to work on my water level as always. I would like to concentrate on earning activity points every day even if it is just 1 point.

Have a great week everyone and see you next week for my check-in!