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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday Weight Watcher's Series

I had a successful week! I weighed in at 337.2 which was a 3.4 lb. loss and a total loss of 17.6 lbs. The really exciting news is that I hit my 5% mark.

This week I really worked hard on making sure I was accurately counting points and not just making up my own rules on what I thought the points should be. I also upped my efforts on drinking water.

I have to say that I already felt myself slipping today and even though I counted everything, I was always choosing the lowest available point option even if I was pretty sure it was not accurate. I also could have done better with my water.

I think a couple of things contributed to my poor day. The first is that I lost a point with my weight loss today. I went from having 52 points a day to 51. I always freak out a little when I lose a point and start to panic a little. I am really nervous for the day I go to under to 50 points a day. I always have a mini melt down when that happens. I will have to really mentally prepare for it when the time comes.

Another issue I had today was Riley's girlfriend had a Soup Supper Fundraiser for her Chorus group for a NYC trip they will be taking this Spring. It was held at the High School tonight and I was way out of my comfort zone tonight. I had a tentative plan in place but when I saw that delicious homemade pie being passed around, that plan went out the window.

I have an issue with feeling entitled to food. I had decided last week that I was going to have 2 packages of Sushi from the Market Basket tonight. Even though I would be fine with just 1 package and as I saw my day unfold, I should have downsized. I felt entitled to the second package and insisted on purchasing it.

Finally, I started off my day eating to many points. I should have stuck with my normal oatmeal but instead decided I had to have that bagel from Dunkin Donuts. It put me way behind the eight ball right from my first meal today. I was 7 points over what I normally eat for that meal and I never caught up today.

Oh well, hopefully this will be lessons learned and I can react better in the future. I used a lot of my weekly points today and it will be a challenge to have so few to work with the rest of the week. I may end up dipping into my activity points this coming week. I will just have to treat this as a challenging week and hopefully will see a loss when I check in with you guys next week!