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Monday, March 17, 2014

Thai Me Restaurant Review - Biddeford, Maine

My Mom was visiting this past weekend and joined Gabrian on our weekly trek to Biddeford. Market Basket has finely moved up North to us and I make a trip every week to do my shopping. We also hit up the awesome Trans Market for all of our produce.

We have been slowly branching out and trying the restaurants in this area. This week we decided to try Thai Me in the downtown Biddeford area. I recently purchased a Portland Dine Around Book and this was my first restaurant to try out.

We had just finished visiting Reilly's Bakery and decided to walk to the restaurant. We arrived a little after 12 and we were the only ones there. I was initially a little nervous but a crowd soon joined us. We got our choice of tables and Gabrian chose the one with the best tulips.

We received two menus. One contained the multitude of sushi rolls and the other one had the more typical Thai fare. Our coupon was buy one entrée and get $6.95 off a second one. We focused on Thai food because we knew we would be sharing with Gabrian. We had a lot of choices in our price range. The lunch menu had many items that started at $7.95 and up.

While we placed our order and then waited for the food to come, Gabrian practiced being Grandma. I thought he did a pretty good job pulling it off. There wasn't very much of a wait before the food came out for us. I was really impressed with their speed to the table.

I went with the Massaman Curry with Beef ($7.95). This was served with your choice of White or Brown Rice. The sauce was perfect and I could have licked the bowl if there we not any other patrons in the room. I liked the mix of vegetables except for the wedge of tomato served with it. It was just an odd choice to me for the entrée. My only complaint with this dish is there was very little meat. I think I counted about 3 tiny pieces of beef included in this. Otherwise, I thought it was so delicious and would definitely order it again.

My Mom went with the Spicy Chicken Pad Thai Noodles ($7.95). This was another winner for us. My Mom detests crispy vegetables and likes them to be cooked well done. The restaurant pulled this off perfect without having them cross over to mushiness land. She liked the kick to this dish and it was still fine for Gabrian. Although I did notice him sucking down the water.

We didn't walk away with any leftovers but we had plenty to share with Gabrian. We even had enough when he asked for a refill on his plate. So if you are 2 woman with a 4-year old, you will find that you have plenty of food for your group with the 2 entrees.

We ended our meal with Thai Pumpkin Custard ($5.95). This was served with whip cream and a gorgeous flower. This was the perfect ending to our meal. I could eat another one of those right now. It was served warm which was fine with me but my Mom would have preferred it to be served cold. Otherwise, we all raved about it.

They ended our meal with a bowl of mints. Gabrian had a great time choosing which color he wanted to eat. I think he ate the rainbow.

I really enjoyed our meal here and definitely think Thai Me will be in our Saturday rotation. If you would like to try them out yourselves, they are located at 144 Main St. in Biddeford.