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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Boston Flower Show 2014

Last Sunday we got up at the ungodly hour of 6 AM (well it was ungodly for a Sunday). Did we do this because we like to find unique ways to torture ourselves? Yes!...I mean no. We were headed to the Boston Flower Show and we wanted to get there early because we knew it would be crowded. Spoiler alert...the crowd level definitely achieved nightmare level in our opinion.

We drove down to Revere, MA to the Wonderland Station so we could take the Subway the rest of the way in. It cost $5 to park and by the end of the day we had spent $17.50 on Subway fare. I like the Wonderland Station because it has a huge parking lot with lots of available spots. I also like getting on at the beginning of the line so we were guaranteed a seat. It took 2 transfers to get to our final destination. We were headed to the Seaport World Trade Center which has a stop off of the Silver Line on the T.

Gabrian was having such a great time checking out everything on the train. We ended up meeting a Pilot from Jet Blue on his way to the airport for work. He saw Gabrian having such a great time and gave him a set of wings and a card that showed the type of plane he flies. Gabrian was so excited because the only thing he loves more than trains, is planes!

We were so excited to finally get to our destination and there were some great photo opportunities. These statues represent Polish Soldiers and were called the Tunnel Warriors (I am half Polish and needed to represent).

We crossed the bridge and I was able to catch this great skyline picture. It would have been perfect if the Sun wasn't in Gabrian's eyes. Oh well, I still like the picture.

We finished our trek only to discover we went to the wrong place! We ended up at the Boston Convention Center. What a disappointment to travel all that way and find out we were in the wrong place. They had a delicious sounding Seafood Convention that we were very tempted to stay for. Fortunately for us they have very attentive staff at the Convention Center and noticed our confused faces right away and turned us back in the right direction. When we had come out of the Subway we turned to the left but we should have turned right and headed in the opposite direction. It was nice to hear that we were not the only ones making that mistake and lots of people were being sent in the opposite direction.

I had fun clicking away on my camera as we headed toward the World Trade Center. You would think I hadn't worked in the city for 3 years based on how I was excited about everything I saw. Although, I don't think the whole time I was working and living in the area, I had ever ventured to this area.

We finally made it to the Seaport World Trade Center and found ourselves in a beautiful but very empty lobby. Gabrian and my Mom found some comfortable seats to relax in while I picked up the phone that was located at the desk. The phone Concierge let me know that yes I did make it to the correct place but we did not go into the correct entrance. We needed to head back outside and go back to where we came from and then take an escalator down to street level to get into that entrance. While Gabrian and my Mom continued to relax, I sought out a nice bathroom a level down from where were located. From that level I could see the Flower Show but a guard was blocking it and he said we had to go through the front entrance. It was so frustrating to be so close and not be able to go in.

We turned ourselves around again and finally found the entrance! We made our way in and paid the entrance fee. It cost me $20 to get in and I think my Mom was slightly less with a Senior Discount. Gabrian was free to get in. Our first order of business...was the bathroom. Seriously, after all that the first thing Gabrian wanted to do was use the bathroom even though we had just left one. Of course all the bathrooms in the Flower Show had a line 20 deep (at least) for the Women's Room. Gabrian wanted to use the Men's Room but I just didn't feel comfortable with that.

Next thing we did was enter a contest to win trip on a Cruise. There were about 6 tables on each side of the entrance and each table had 4 tablets set up to enter the sweepstakes. I am thinking that since no one has called I haven't won but it should would have been nice. I think it may have been a telemarketing ploy but since I put down my actual income, I don't think they are going to be that interested in me.

After all that travel and excitement to finally find the show, the very next thing we did was find the first available bench and staked it out as our lunch spot. We always bring our lunch to this show. We generally find the food offered overpriced and not very good (although it has been years since we have actually eaten at the show and the last time I was even at this show it was at a completely different location so the food may be delicious now). Gabrian had a lunchable and my Mom and I both had purchased Sushi from the Market Basket. It was such a delicious lunch and it was fun to overhear people clearly jealous of our Sushi. We actually had several people approach us asking where the vendor was located to buy Sushi for themselves. The Flower Show should start selling Sushi, I think it would be a huge seller.

After all of that we were finally able to start exploring. It was so fun to see all of the displays set up. I would love to have one of these landscapers come and transform my tiny backyard. I would love to have a Garden Oasis. The smell in this place was incredible. Hyacinth is one of my favorite scents of all times and just about every display had it in some form. It is such a sign of Spring for me.

My favorite display included these birds. They looked like a Dove (and I think that is what they were) but they had tails that could really plume up almost like a peacock. I could have watched them for hours. It was so neat to watch them strut around with their gorgeous tails. I think I want a couple of these for my backyard.

I don't have any room in my backyard for another tree (I already have a very established crab apple tree) but this one was so pretty. If I ever get a bigger yard and I was in the right climate I would like to add one of these (it probably would have helped if I had jotted down the name of it for future reference).

After waling around, Gabrian decided it was time for a little rest. I thought this was the coolest chair. When I was little I remember going to a furniture store that had a huge armchair in this proportion. I still think back fondly to climbing up into that chair. So I was so excited to recreate that experience for Gabrian.

After that rest we headed out to find the Kids Area. This was such a great idea for families traveling with Children. My Mom and I were able to take turns here with Gabrian while the other one would go around checking out all the vendors and see what they had to offer. Gabrian loved all the different craft projects they had to offer. Every two hours they switch out the craft people and a new project starts up. We happened to catch them in a switch over so Gabrian got to try out two of the projects.

These mushrooms were in several of the displays and they had a vendor selling them. They offered this size set for $35 and I had seriously considered buying one. I just couldn't commit to them and handing over my cash so I walked away empty handed. I think this vendor comes to the show every year so maybe next year I will be ready to part with my money since I am still thinking about them.

This was Gabrian's favorite display. He absolutely loved the fish in this one and spent a long time examining them. Do you think there is something wrong with us that we were more taken with the decorations than the flowers themselves? We found the vendor selling these fish and had a great time studying them even more. They were super expensive though and I doubt we will ever have one come home with us. They were about $75 for the smallest one offered (not the ones that were pictured here) and they could get really expensive.

We finished the show with Gabrian eating ice cream on a bench with my Mom while I did one more circuit of the vendors. I bought some dip mixes (mostly because I felt guilty trying so many samples without buying anything) but nothing else came home with me. We had spent several hours at the Flower Show and we had a really great time.

We headed to meet Riley at the South Station (he was coming in from Providence after spending the weekend with his Dad). This Sunday happened to be the Sunday before Saint Patrick's Day and it was the day of the parade. We timed our visit to South Station the same time that most of the Parade People were headed back home. It was such a rowdy group and they all appeared to be about 19. Old enough to be obnoxious and traveling in large groups but not old enough to hit up the bars. It made me feel very uncomfortable waiting for Riley with a 4-year old. There was lots of foul language and outrageous behavior. The only seats we could find were the ones right next to an automatic door that opened approximately every 12 seconds. It was so cold there and I don't think I was ever so happy to see Riley and get the heck out of there.

As were headed out to go to Chinatown for dinner, Gabrian announced he had to go to the bathroom (he has perfect timing). He than grabbed his crotch and did the pee dance. I looked at the line for the Girl's room that had 127 people in line waiting for it. So Riley was volunteered against his will to take Gabrian to the bathroom.

We finally made it to our dinner destination. We stopped at two different bakeries on our way there and stocked up on all the Red Bean pastries I could handle. I love those things. Dinner was delicious and it was fun to try new things. I do think I have found a  new weight loss plans. I will now only eat at places that inform me that I have ordered enough food and I will have too much. She wasn't doing it to be mean but what a cultural difference. I can't imagine going to another restaurant where they prevent you from ordering more food and tell you that you have enough.

After dinner we walked to the T and made our way home. I think Gabrian's favorite part of the day was being on the Subway. Look how happy he looks in this picture. We got home around 8:30 PM, and had a really nice full day. Every person in the car fell asleep (except for me of course) and left me to entertain myself during the 2 hour drive.

I definitely will be doing this again next year and highly recommend that you try it out for yourself next year!