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Friday, March 21, 2014

Blue Burrito Cafe Restaurant Review - Westbrook, Maine

 Blue Burrito Café is that awesome neighborhood restaurant where you wished everyone knew your name. With the friendly and welcoming staff, you definitely felt like you were warmly being welcomed in. I was really looking forward to using my Groupon deal that was set to expire at the end of the month. I purchased it for $15 and it was good for $30 of food. It was very much appreciated when our waitress let us know that alcohol was excluded from this deal. There is nothing worse than getting a surprise charge on your bill.

When we first arrived I was worried that it might have been more of a bar experience. The restaurant entrance was roped off and you had to enter through the bar. It ended up there was nothing to fear because a few steps in and you were in the restaurant.

We were greeted right away and I was happy to see the room was larger than I had originally thought. The tables looked like picnic tables that sat four people. There were a couple of high tops sprinkled throughout along with a couple of picnic tables that were cut in half to fit two. We were placed at one of the latter.

Our next door table mates were perfect. I am not sure how familiar you are with eating out with just a toddler as your companion but at times the conversation can be lacking. Our next door neighbors were a couple with a baby about 18 months old. Gabrian and the baby hit it off and shared some crayons and coloring books. The way the high chair was positioned it looked like he could have been sitting at our table. The baby's (Timothy) parents were great conversation for me. It really gave the restaurant a neighborly feel.

The waitress was prompt in taking our order and we settled in for the wait. The colors were so bright and cheerful. I should think about painting my walls some fun colors (not sure if my landlord would appreciate that though). It wasn't long before my drink came out.

I ordered the Jalapeno and Raspberry Margarita ($8.25). It was an interesting drink and I am not sure I would order it again. There was nothing wrong with the drink but I just don't think it was the one for me. They had so many other fun choices, that I would have to wait awhile for that one to make it back into rotation. The raspberry aspect was just too sweet for me. I don't like overly sweet drinks and this one I think gave me a cavity. I did like the jalapeno kick to the drink. It was interesting to have something so sweet with a spicy tone following afterwards.

Gabrian ordered a Beef Taco ($4.50) which came with chips and a glass of milk ($1). He was so eager to eat, that this was the best shot I could get. The beef was great because it was actually steak instead of ground beef, which Gabrian is not a fan of. The chips passed his high level of a sophisticated palate. I was tempted to try one out for journalistic purposes but thoughts of my Weight Watcher's meeting banished that thought out of my mind.

I went with the Black Canyon Ranch ($14). The menu description states that it is a pan seared flat iron steak, served with Hopi Indian potato, roasted garlic butter & glazed carrots. The skirt steak was delicious but I would be surprised if it weighed in at more than three ounces. I kept thinking the rest of it was hidden under the potato but there nothing but potato. The carrots were great dressed in the buttery glaze. The potatoes were very similar to a loaded baked potato. It had bacon, cheese, sour cream, and what tasted like marinara sauce. I really enjoyed this but think I would try the burrito bowl next time.

We still had some money left from our Groupon and a tiny little space in our stomach so we were ready to fill it up with some delicious dessert. I was intrigued with the Frozen Mexican Chocolate Mousse but was unsure on how to calculate my Weight Watcher points for it so I decided to pass.

Gabrian chose the Double Chocolate Brownie Sundae ($6). It looked delicious but looking back I probably should have just gotten him a scoop of ice cream since that is all he ate and I ended up surpassing my $30 anyway. I don't know why my math skills are always so off when I am at a restaurant. I guess it is a mind trick to order more food.

I went with the Tres Leches Cake ($6). This was so good. I realize if I ever want to do real food reviews I need to get more descriptive and actually describe the food instead of just calling it delicious. But I can't help it with this one. This cake was so delicious. It was so moist and sweet with almost a pudding quality. The whip cream tasted freshly whipped and went great with the cake.

Funny story about this picture of the cake. I try to be discreet as possible when taking pictures and hope that no one notices me click away. However, I must not have been on the down low as much as I thought I was because a waitress (not mine) asked me how our dessert was and did I get a picture of that gorgeous cake. I nodded that yes I did, but I wondered later what she thought I was taking the pictures for.

Overall, I thought this was a great meal and hope to have many more here in the future. I thought the staff was wonderful and really made me feel comfortable having Gabrian there. As we were leaving, our waitress noticed Gabrian's backpack sticker (from Dora the Explorer) and sang him the back pack song. It was the sweetest thing ever and made Gabrian feel so special.

If you would like to try Blue Burrito Café for yourself, they are located at 652 Main Street, Westbrook, Maine.