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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Food Choices

I feel like I need to start making better food choices. Not necessarily try to eat healthier but to choose items that will keep me fuller for longer. I feel like recently I have been choosing things that keep me full for less than an hour and then I want to gnaw my arm off while waiting for the next time to eat.

When I was successful last time I was pretty creative with the food I would make. I found them to be delicious and would keep me satisfied until the next time I would eat. It definitely helped that I would eat every two hours. I was never giving myself that long until it was time to eat again.

I find myself struggling with the point plus plan on Weight Watchers. I know that I get more points with this plan but I feel like they go so much faster. It is probably because I like such a carb heavy diet. This plan definitely guides you away from these items.

I worry about when my points really start going down and I can't have my super big carb meals. I also tend to hoard my points for the end of the day. I am hungry all day and then came home and ate a whole package of macaroni and cheese (yes the whole box of Kraft). So technically I am staying on plan and staying within my points but this is just not working.

I need to plan my week out better and get back to the eating every two hours. I think even if I have to eat separately from the family for awhile to get myself back in balance. I would like to share my dinner with the family but I know I need to eat 6-8 mini meals a day instead of just grazing/snacking. That was when I did my best when I ate the mini meals. I felt more satisfied and it almost felt like cheating but the weight would just come off from me.

I am so glad that I typed this out and subjected you to my rambling. I think by putting it in black and white I have analyzed what my problem is. This Saturday when I go shopping I am going to focus on the mini meals for myself.

Thanks for listening to me!